Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Back Dimples

When did they become an issue? When did they even appear? I do not remember noticing back dimples on chick till last year I think. How could I have gone through college without any idea. Did they always have them? How come nobody told me? You know what I am talking about right? Those 2 sweet little dents on a girls lower back that peak up at you from her hipsters. This is not to be confused with dimples that some chicks have on the sides of their but cheeks. That is a whole different story.

Not all chicks have them though. They are like face cheek dimples, some have em and some don’t. I think face dimples are hella cute. I have never met a bitchy chick with dimples on her face. They have all had super sweet personalities. Is there a connection between girls with dimples on their faces and their backs? Do back dimples suggest a girl is sweet or just crazy in bed? This chick seems to have both going for her.

While some girls have well defined back dimples, others have more subtle ones. But either way, you have to admit that they are pretty damn sexy. I have searched online to find more information but there is very little. The reason back dimples have become such an issue right now could be because all these low riding hipsters are in fashion now, making a woman’s lower back more visible than it has ever been in the past. I truly want to get under this back dimple situation, in every way possible I assure you.

We have seen over the last few years what J-Lo has done for the butt. It can be compared to what Pamela Anderson did for the breast, with the implants and all I mean. Now chicks are going through 8 hour ass implant operations so they can look like Beyonce from behind. And they pay up to $20,000 for it!!! Is some celebrity going to come out and make the back dimple the next big thing? Are women going to mutilate themselves to have back dimples now? I for one like it all natural. And until I saw this picture I did not really understand how big her ass is. DAMN!!!

I wish I had access to a lab so I could source funding and do an actual study about this. I could find thousands of subjects on any college campus. As you can see, this post is just full of questions. Thesis however would be to answer the question, “Do Girls with Back Dimples Have More Fun?” I want to know dammit!

During my search for meaning I have read many articles where women were working out and trying to loose weight in order to shed their seemingly hideous back dimples. But I think we can confirm from the pictures above that back dimples are not a result of being unhealthy or overweight. In fact I think I think some thick chicks might have a couple of dips hiding under there that they don’t even know about. I assure you ladies that it is hat so do not sweat it. But we should take into consideration that some dudes have back dimples too. Does this turn chicks on? Does this turn any of you fella’s on?

“Below the sacrum (or sacral bones) is the tailbone - the pointy bone at the very bottom of your rear. The indentations that you speak of are created from the way your sacral bones are constructed. Some people have one indentation directly above the butt line - like mine. Others have two indentations and it all depends on whether or not your sacrum is in a certain position. You may notice in a few years that these indentations either change slightly in their positions or you may notice only one indentation. This is normal.” (I finally found this on Ask Yahoo!)

I would like to thank this website for providing me with some tasteful pictures for this post. And it is a hub for anyone who has an interest in back dimples.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bis. ZUAK Bin. J

Back dimples are also known as thumb grooves, if you catch my drift...

Avi said...

the drift has been caught. and i like it...

Anonymous said... guys are really late on this one. And yes, most of us girls think men with well defined 'back dimples' are sexy...if they have nice bodies to go along with them. And alot of the overweight women who try to lose their back dimples is because its simply not sexy on large women and half of the time you cant even see the dimples through the fat. The 'dimples' they often talk about are the ones right below the shoulders and waist area. But yeah...
~yay for back dimples!! =D

Anonymous said...

*raises hand* 20-something, female, and insanely attracted to back dimples on men. Men of all shapes and sizes. From the scrawniest little twigs of guys to average guys, muscular, and big bear guys--if you have back dimples, you've piqued my interest. Unfortunately, gals get less of a chance to check out this sexy body feature on men.

Anonymous said...

i was looking for info on back dimples becasue i was jealous of friend that has them and i dont and i wanted to know why they were there and i couldnt find it...thanks : )

Anonymous said...

The sacral is a different dimple.

A sacral dimple, also called a pilonidal dimple, is an indentation in the skin on the lower back — usually just above the crease between the buttocks. Most sacral dimples are small and shallow....
A sacral dimple consists of an indentation, or "pit," in the skin on the lower back, just above the crease between the buttocks.

bru bee said...

My wife of 5 years has them and, I think they give her a** personality. They are very attractive and are usually apparent on women that like the riding position. Yah me.

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