Friday, February 01, 2008

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa – Dubai

Firstly I must say that as a city, I don’t really like Dubai. I understand that for some people, including close friends of mine, it is the most fantastic and inspirational place on the planet. But for me it quite simply lacks heritage and resembles perverse theme park for disillusioned human beings with too much money on their hands. That being said I am also a person that will find the best in any situation I find myself in and make the most of what I got on my plate. So I fall out and join the ranks. On our first day in Dubai we did not have a hotel booking and ended up staying at the Marine Beach Resort and Spa in Jumeira which is a more up class neighborhood in the city.

The property houses about 40 villa units that look like they were built back in the 70’s, very retro in style. But what the hotel lacks in modern finishing’s it makes up for 3 fold with the lush grounds featuring some well kempt gardens and ponds that create an extremely Zen like atmosphere. The hotel also boasts 4 heated pools, a spa, and it houses some of the hottest clubs and restaurants in Dubai.

The most awesome feature is their private beach. The Dubai Marine Resort, although boasting these numerous facilities remains a quaint and personal hotel unlike the other behemoth operations that have come to characterize the hotel industry here. The numerous staff are extremely friendly and there is always a full serviced bar close at hand. And although the beach is clearly artificial, it offers the perfect solace and comfort that anyone would desire on a vacation.

The rooms themselves are nothing to write home about really and the staffs at the hotel are the first to admit this. They assume no illusions that their rooms are on par with other hotels in their price bracket, which I must advise is OBSCENE! We got a Junior Suite that had a large bedroom, small living room, and very mediocre bathroom. The only thing I really enjoyed in there was the Jacuzzi jets in the bath tub. I have been spoiling myself recently with these bubble baths.
For what we paid for one night at the Dubai Marine Resort, I could have rented a 4 bedroom house in Jakarta for a month. This is just one of the many reasons I love living in the East.

So I am on the way to Ghana now. Ill probably catch the Ghana vs Nigeria match this Sunday which I am really excited about. As for now, still living it up in the DXB (thanks for the correction D).

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