Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Bali Wedding

I left for Bali last week armed with my trusty Canon Powershot A30, thinking I would be taking hundreds of pictures that I could throw up on my blog over the next few weeks. The Canon takes some pretty great pictures, as I hope you come to see. It caught some awesome pics of the surf but to be honest with you, the bastard was way too bulky to lug around to all the parties. Plus I am just not one of those people who can walk around with a camera wrapped around my neck and knowing me I would have lost it on the first night.

I was in Bali attending a friends wedding. Congratulations Kevin and Michelle and thank you for an awesome time. I have been to a number of weddings and it is usually just a shag but this time it was so different. I do not have too many pictures of the occasions but trust me when I tell you that a lot of thought and effort was put into every detail. I am not going to go into every detail, but I will mention the actual wedding ceremony. It was held at the cliff side of the Ritz at sunset. The whole Hindu ritual was explained during every step in English, by a wonderful lady who was flown in from the Philippines. This is the first time I actually understood what all the drama was about. The father of the bride handed over his daughter just as the sun was setting and I must admit that I actually got goose bumps. I have never been so moved. The father was actually told that he now has to hand over his daughter to Kevin. It made me think that you spend so many years loving and raising a child only to have to hand them over to some guy not knowing how they will be cared for. Over all that experience was just “heavy”. Not going to do that for a while.

I stayed at a wonderful Villa in the Jimbaran hills. I spent most of my days chilling out at my buddies Villa in the Ritz complex. We mostly basked out by the plunge pool, nursing our hangovers, and getting tipsy all over again for the parties to follow later at night. Here are some pictures from the watering hole. Ill post some more about the trip once I sort my self out. Also I have to wait for my connections to send me some pics as well.

On the sleep front, I really did not get much at all. But that was all good cause I had company all along. No nights twisting around in bed staring mindlessly at the ceiling. Let’s hope I actually wore my body out enough to knock the sucker out cold for the next few nights at least.

Mahalo and Goodnight…

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