Saturday, April 23, 2005

Still Alive in Bali...

I have been hanging out at some of the most beautiful places you can imagine and hittin up some of the hottest clubs. I am still here for another week and things are only getting better. I have linked up with some very interesting people and made some very good friends.

I sit here now at a Villa in the Ritz Carlton, lounging by the pool, sippin on Grey Goose (yes!! they flew some in for the party!!), enjoying the miricle called WIFI... SO I will have alot to write about when I am back in Jakarta. For now, big love to all of you.

Welcome to the world little CHICO!!! Kabir, you are gonna be a great Dad.

1 comment:

Shan said...

Bali? A Villa? Hot clubs? GREY GOOSE?
IS it alright for me to say that I hate you right now? Hehe, have a great time dude! :D