Friday, May 20, 2005

Could You Be Loved

Happy Aloha Friday. I am feeling pretty fuckin chipper today. You wanna know why? I took your advice and had the best sex of my life last night!!! Actually, no. I didn’t have the opportunity, because it was Gonzo’s predicament, NOT MINE!

I am happy today because I got a package in the mail yesterday. Now I get packages all the time that usually contain documents or some random samples of items that I have to source out. And there are never any fun items either, just maybe a candle or a piece of cloth. Once I got a hand carved puzzle type thing. That kept me entertained for a few hours. But as I said, usually its just boring ass stuff. I got a big brown envelope in the mail yesterday and I assumed it would be some work related crap but I saw the package was from London, then I saw the senders name on the front. RISHI K… I felt totally warm inside. In this age of virtual insanity we hardly ever get any personal gestures apart from email. Hell, now on MSN people are even giving virtual kisses and hugs. And what the fuck is cyber sex about?

So I cracked open the big brown envelope and inside I found a CD, a piece of paper, and a long tube with the word SNATCH on it. “Holy shit”, I thought, “the bastard actually sent me an inflatable woman with CD Rom instructions”!! SNATCH in a tube, how much better can life get… Get real, it wasn’t puni in a tube. It is a game. I opened the handwritten letter, which held so much more character than any email I have received from him. He sent me season 2 of the OC also. I got him hooked on that show when he was here last Christmas. It hasn’t come out here yet so he actually downloaded the stuff and sent it to me. That’s just so cool. When he was here we also used to play SNATCH but using scrabble chips. So he sent me the actual game now. So I can progress up from my amateur status to semi-pro.

It felt so good to be remembered and loved, so just remind your selves to let the people you love, anywhere they might be in the world, know that you are thinking of them every once in a while. If you need my address to send me gifts just let me know by email. Seriously though, thanks a lot bro, you have really made my weekend. I cant wait to link up with you again this summer. You see Inny, it wouldn’t kill you to send me some Mithai every once in a while. Some Jalaebi too.

If you wanna play SNATCH at home all you need is scrabble chips. Place the tiles face down and take turns to turn them over until a word of 3 or more letters can be formed. Whoever sees and says the word first, takes it and places the word in front of him/her. Now it gets tricky. The game has 2 sides now words can be made from letters in the centre pool or snatched from words already made by players. That means you SNATCH the word by changing their words by adding one or more letters. So CAT can be SNATCHED if an R is unturned and a player yells CART. The word is then handed over to the SNATCHER by the SNATCHEE. Play until all letters are finished or until you decide to quit and start counting the score. There are a few rules though.
All words must have 3 or more letters.
2. Players can SNATCH a word at anytime during play.
If 2 players spot a word at the same time, the longest word wins. If the word is the same length then we usually solve it with a round of stone, paper, scissors.
You must change the meaning of the word, so NO adding an S to make it plural, or ED to make it past tense, or ING.
Words must be made longer for an effective SNATCH, not just rearranged to make a different word.
No names or slang.
Scoring- The first 3 letters of a word score 1 point and every following letter is another point. So like TAN (1 point), THA-N (2 points), CHA-NT (3 points), etc… This game is really fun and a good time pass. You can also make it a drinking game by allowing anyone who makes a word related to sex, or food, or Christmas, dish out 5 drinks to anyone he/she wants.


Anonymous said...

Mr Avi.

This is your most fruitful post thus far, congratulations.

Thank you very much for explaining this game, i wrote down the explanation and my daughters have enjoyed playing it with us after dinner, it was very simple to learn and we have learned to play it with our scrabble counters. Do let us know where it can be purchased.

Sir Irafath

Avi said...

Glad you are having fun with this. It can be very educational. I will keep you in mind when I come accross somthing similar. Where do you live so I can advise if it is available there?