Friday, May 06, 2005

Crimson Room

My cuzin Rishi, who I should mention is a real hero in my eyes, sent me this URL to check out.

IT is a flash mystery game. It was very, very, cool and he left me with only one clue. This game was made in 1994. Below is a mail I drafted to him while I was playing the game so try and avoind scrolling down any further till you have a shot at the game. Rishi "claims" he completed this in 1 hour. It has ben an hour and a half and I am still stuck. Have fun and let me know how you do.

12.30 pm - This fucker is taking ages to load even with ADSL. I would have to wait all night if I was on dial up.

12.38pm – Lets get this started.

He he… I drank too much last night as well… Is that me?

12.41- Found the key. And then another one too.

12.43 – found docs, and cds… stopping for lunch… Bakmi.. mmmm

12.52 - found another key.. the url does not work… These noodles are spicy, I am breakin a sweat.

12.56 – I am stuck, spilled some noodle juice on my keyboard. Better you then me. I am wearing a white shirt.

1.00 – finished eating but I am still stuck. Gonna have a smoke and think this over. I put the ring in the right place….now what?!

1.05 – Ha ha. Found the cassette. Whats on it?

1.08 – bencot!! What the fuck can I do with a cassette when there is no cassette player!!!!!

1.10 – found a battery… annnndddd theeeeeeeeeeeeennn????

1.15 – I found a dildo and when I put the battery in a necked chick came in the room and started going nuts with it!!! No, I wish. HMV is fucking with me. I am getting impatient now. You are lucky I don’t have your phone number Rishi..

1.19 – Was going to keep trying till 1.20 but this is killing me. There has got to be a remote control somewhere. I looked behind the bed even and there is nothing there. How do I get under the bed? Its 1.20 now….. tick tock. Im going slightly mad.

1.25 – I want to throw the stereo through the window and jump out after it. Fuck you for doing this to me Rishi. Gonna listen to some music and read the paper for a while. I know the answer is right under my nose… Why is Ro not on line when I need him. How do I get under the bed?

1.38 – Could not keep my mind on anything else. I give up. How the fuck do I get out of here??!!!


Avi said...

It is 3.05pm. B is here in my office with me. I have bioth Kripa and Ro on MSN. I just finished the game. There is no way Rishi did this in one hour unless Farzana helped him. And I could not have done it without the hint he gave me. That was fun cuz. Good luck to the rest of you. Ill be here if you need me. he he he...

Kripa said...

Now my turn to comment on this one.
I have realized Avi, u'd rather get emails as comment on ur blogs, than the personal ones. So well, here I go...
Rishi!!!!!!! What game was that...Avi totally desperate even thought on calling me to get more clues! hahaha!!! I enjoyed it, but definetly would've enjoyed it more if I had decided playing it earlier tonight...Just got back home from a stressful night..anyway, I must say I'm smarter than u in these games Avi!! Cheers for Krips! Hope to see more of these, as well as more of those teste like the colorgenics one...too good! ;)

mogs said...

avi u bastard, gaddam, i was about to finish the bloody game when the my battery ran out...can u imagine the frustration....i tell you...don't attempt this game if you have only a little time left on your laptop battery...

Rishtafari said...

rohit, im not sure i get the point you're trying to make....
.... was the game too difficult for u ....or are you just stating the obvious that people should be wary about low battery supply on their laptops?

mogs said...


my point is that this that once you start this game, you may very well have the urge to finish it in one sitting, as it's absorbing. So, if you're connected to the net via a laptop, make sure you have enough battery life to ensure that you have a chance of finishing the game in one sitting.

Rishtafari said...

Thanks for the clarification Rohit, i see it was the latter then. By 'urge' do you mean you really wish you could have been able to but couldnt finish the game? No need to reply to this one, i get your point now.