Sunday, May 08, 2005

Korean Restaraunt

Friday night was...... HEAVY. I woke up at a frineds house not knowing how the hell I got there, which is somthing that hasnt happened to me in years. I could swear my drinks were spiked. In any case, I woke up early on Satarday and head home. An hour after that I managed to convince B to give me company for wake boarding. So thats 2 Saturdays in a row that I have made it out and I can already feel I am getting better. It was an awesome day on the lake but I was so drained by afternoon. Ash, B, and I hit out for lunch together at this really great Korean place in Kelapa Gading. There are more fancy places than this but this is by far the best in my opinion as far as the food is concerned. It is located right accross the street from KG mall 3.

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