Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ladies Night

In continuance of my new resolution to keep things fresh, I decided to push the envelope and go out last night even though I realize that Thursday is a public holiday and tonight will be another heavy one. There were 2 parties I had to check out, the first one being Ladies Night at Fez. Now the Fez Lounge happens to be one of my favorite watering holes in Jakarta. I started going there when by mate Neelu took up the post of manager there. Having a best friend who works in bars is always a bonus if you are a person who likes to drink, cause obviously you don’t have to rely on other friends to go out drinking with you when one is already posted at the destination. So over the last 2 or 3 years, I have been frequenting the spot and even though Neelu has deserted me and moved on to bigger and better things in NYC, I still keep my stool at his bar warm and reminisce over the days we used to sit beside each other, with Jack and coke in hand, talking story and getting plastered. *sniff* I miss you dude…

Anyways, so every Tuesday is Ladies night and house pouring drinks are FREE for the ladies. That’s right, FREE. Bring your women down and get them fucking plastered at no cost whatsoever. Ladies night at Fez usually gets quite off the hook but last night was relatively quiet, but fukin awesome none the less. There was some Boys to Men concert the night before so I guess most of the ladies were resting their throats at home.

Regularly, Fez Lounge is a cool place to kick off a long night, with very reasonable priced drinks and a wide variety of authentic Indian pub grub. And I say authentic because they got some good food cuz. None of that curry in a hurry nonsense. I am talking meat dishes that make you break a sweat. Not for the light hearted or weak stomached ones. The Kinara restaurant, also part of Fez lounge, is located above Fez, and above that the open air garden banquet area. It's all a very sweet set up and definitely worth your time if you dig Indian khana. Check out the photo’s and I hope to see some new faces there next week.

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Shan said...

Indian khana! Heeeey haven't heard that word in a while...*sigh* me and my identity crisis.
Yes yes, I must come to Jakarta and party indian stylie!