Thursday, June 16, 2005

Another Fast Car

Things were quiet here so I put the other car together as well. It’s way better than the last one and it took me only half the time to make. The motor on the last one looked cooler as well with the black and white graphic where as this one was just plain black. I like the white body as well. The tires on this one are also better. The rubber is thicker and the rear tires are wider than the front ones. Guess I will have to see which one fairs better on the track now. I hope this does not become a new hobby for me.


AmitD said...

u have some time on your hands eh?

Avi said...

I went home and it took me half an hour to put the track together. The red car beat the shit out of the white one. Although I think it might have been battery power. Both cars have now been demolished. So much for my hobby.

ival said...

Hey Avi, maybe you should try the other model cars that have more parts and they take more than a few hours to build and you aslo have to paint them and shit. They are more fun to jump and crash, and you can buy spare parts for them to repair them. I used to make them a long time ago. I remember my first one was a Tamiya Grasshopper - real fun car bro. They were pretty much like a real car and you could modify the motor and rims and bearings and all that shit...they real fast too...The Formula one models were real fast. You can race big cars with them.