Thursday, June 02, 2005

FAB Pool League

I have mentioned before that I participate in a pool competition every Wednesday night. We just finished off one league that consisted of teams from bars located all over Jakarta, but the league I am in now only consists of bars on Jalan Falatehan in Blok M. I first visited in this area as a young teen looking for “action”. Of course we would just sit around sipping beer trying to look like heroes, getting cheap thrills just talking to women with big boobs. The area was well known as sort of a red light district, where mostly expat or buleh males would congregate to go drinking and whoring. Now however the area has evolved into a clean strip of bars where buleh’s can go drinking and whoring. No seriously, the bars there are pretty stylish now and although it is not a family entertainment strip, the area is extremely safe and the bars there are filled with friendly local women. This is a perfect location for any traveling businessman to come hang out and meet interesting people in various fields of business.

I am currently playing for a saloon named “My Bar”. The proprietor Hitesh moved to Jakarta a year and a half ago and acquired the spot after which he invested time and money to bring the place up to current entertainment standards. He offers not 1, not 2, but 3 full floors of entertainment. He has developed a diverse menu that will suit the tastes of locals and foreigners alike. The atmosphere is truly international and carefree. On the first floor My Bar has a discotheque and cocktail bar. This area is usually packed with women and they host various events like wet t-shirt contests, lingerie shows, beach parties, and more. On the second floor they have set up a lounge with plush sofas and tables for dining. On weekends they also have live band performances. They are one of the few bars to offer WAN (wireless internet access) so you can bring your laptop in and do whatever it is that you do online. On the third floor we have 3 brand spankin new pool tables and a fully loaded bar. This is where the competition goes down.

The league has been sponsored by the newly set up Feletehan Association of Businesses or better known as the FAB. They are basically working to make Jl Falatehan safe and affordable for adult tourists. The bars involved in this league and association are Oscars Pub, D’s Place, Sportsmans Bar, Everest, and My Bar. Although as team players we get free drinks at our home bar on game nights (this includes beers, Bacardi, Vodka, Rum, and Red Label), supporters and non-players can also buy beers for Rp.15,000 and house spirits for Rp.25,000 nett!!! How sweet is that deal? So if you want to hang out on Wednesday nights, there are games going on in all of the bars. Or just swing by any time during the week or weekend to just break the routine and get pissed with the boys.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Avi,

I very much enjoy reading your reviews about places you like to visit. If you clean up your language I will recommend you to a tourist website where travellers can read about various activities available for them to try in different places. You do a very good job informing us from a first hand point of view about some very nice places to visit, the only problem is your habit of abusing language with indecencies.

Sir Irafath

mogs said...

So how does the pool competition work? Do you have seedings? How many racks do you have to play...and all that good stuff?

Avi said...

Irafath - I am not interested in being a tour guide. This is a place where I write for the fuck of it and that is the way I bloody well enjoy to write and I talk this fukin way too. You enjoy to read it? Great. If not, merci and aurivour.

Ro - We have 7 players per team, 5 guys and to girls. We play head to head 2 games each and 1 point is awarded for each game won. Totals are done at the end of the game and also end of season. You can check the score sheets on the website of my previous league.