Thursday, June 16, 2005

Fast Car

Last month my nephews got a TAMIA race track for their birthdays. It is a pretty big plastic thing with 2 separate lanes that you can race your model cars in. Now I broke out the track last weekend only to find that there were no cars included. So I had to go out and buy the TAMIA cars that I had to build up on my own from scratch. Inny and I used to do this crap as kids but even then I could never get the fuckers to work. So my mission at work this morning was to get the bastard car up and running.

Opening the box I saw a shit load of components and the directions did not look to easy to follow either. I have seen kids at the mall and even adults who take this shit way too seriously and now I see why. They carry full on tool kits and work belts just to take care of…. A TOY!!! It took me about an hour to finish the job and at first when I hit the on switch nothing happened. I almost threw the piece of shit against the wall but after a few taps and tinkles the engine roared to life. I am sending it home for the boys to play with and it will probably be in more pieces that it started in when I get there but what the hell.

Over all it was not too difficult to put together and it was a bit of fun too. I have another one that I will work on this evening. When you guys get back to JKT we can play money on races at my place. Don’t get excited Inny. Yes it is the BIG track like in the mall. And you should see the RC car they got. It is fucking HUGE. Ill set that up this weekend. So many cool toys.

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