Friday, June 17, 2005

Fuck Face

Has anyone ever called you a fuck face? I never understood what that means. I can understand being a shit face, or even a stupid face. But what the hell is a fuck face? Well, while browsing the web the other evening, as I usually do, I came across a very interesting website called BEAUTIFUL AGONY. We have all been to porn sites and anyone who claims they haven’t is just a liar. But this site is nothing like that. This site offers to its members, a huge collection of MPEG’s for download that are basically clips of people having orgasm’s, that are all self stimulated. Yes, video’s of people slapping the salami, petting the kitten, spanking the monkey, or whatever you fancy to call it. The clips are in no way crude at all. They are all facial shots only and after looking at the stills gallery I have now come to understand what fuck face means.

Have you ever thought about the faces you make when you climax? And I mean after some real good sex. It is some funny shit. But I got to admit that watching my partner go all out cringing and biting down on her lip is quite a turn on. I just found this site extremely interesting as a concept so I decided to share it at the risk of appearing to be a perv. But, who the cap fit… There are a few samples below that I found, lets say, special.

From that site I followed a link to another site about masturbation. Not just masturbation though, it is the MASTURBATE-A-THON 2005. You heard me. Once again this is NOT a porn site but a site for sexual awareness. You are being urged by them to “come for a cause”. I love that slogan. Sorry to inform you that the date was set for 28th May, 2005, but I am sure a lot of us did participate without knowing it. I have booked it down for next year. The masturbate-a-thon has been in existence for 10 years now and they have actually managed to raise some decent money. It works pretty mush like a sponsored walk where you go out with a form and get people to offer you money for how long you go for. I can imagine approaching my family with a form for that. Last year the longest time achieved was 6 ½ hours and another record was 36 orgasms. Nice.

I do not believe that people are honest and open enough to masturbation, as does GOOD VIBRATIONS, the organization that started the masturbate-a-thon. They are also an online shop dealing in sexually enhancing materials, like scented oils, and so on. Their opinion is that “sexual pleasure is a birthright and that masturbation is a powerful source of sexual gratification. Since practically everyone masturbates, but few people talk about it, we created National Masturbation Month, a month-long celebration recognizing the many ways we can pleasure ourselves.” The way I see it, if sex had not been such a taboo subject then my parents and other parents would be able to talk openly to kids about stuff that would keep them safe and smart. Until today I have never had the birds and bees talk with my folks nor did I ever get sex education in school. I guess I am kind of home schooled. Some people believe that kids should be taught abstinence ONLY but I disagree. It is a much debated topic in the US. Many adults are also in need of further sexual awareness. Once we can all accept that there is nothing wrong with enjoying consensual sex and receiving pleasure from sex then we can also accept that masturbation is kind of like a form of safe sex.

All that aside, these are some pretty interesting sites, so rather than I brief what they are all about, go check them out if you are interested. If you view talking about masturbation as airing your dirty laundry in public than I can respect your views but if you have something to share then please go ahead. Have a good weekend and more fuck faces to all of us.


Anonymous said...

YOU'RE a fuck-face. You talk too much. Nice blog by the way.

Avi said...

You really need to stop being such a hater D.

Shan said...

dude you shouldn't allow anons to leave comments.
Damn funny post btw!

Ash said...

i agree with everything in your article, except the fact where you say you are home schooled. i would describe it more as back-seat-car-schooled or cheap-motel-schooled. happy flogging the log.