Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hot Shots

I know I have mentioned Hot Shots Burgers before. Yesterday I was in the office at about 3pm when I started fiending for a burger. I headed down to La Piazza in Kelapa Gading where I ordered the Caramelized Onion Burger. I feel kinda hungry now, lookin at these pictures. I will say though that these burgers are extremely fresh and juicy. They actually have the char broiled flavor.

The best burger I have ever had would probably be at Kamaaina Burgers in Honolulu. But then again, things always taste better when you can only just about afford it.


ival said...

Don't you mean Kuaaina Burgers in honolulu?? Their burgers are really good and juicy...mmmm...juicy..

Avi said...

Thats the one m8!! Very juicy.

Anonymous said...

Naah. I thought In-N-Out's burger is still the best in the world. However, I gotta fly 14 hours all the way to Los Angeles to get it. But then again, after I got Hotshots' Caramelized Onion Burger and Salsa sauces add-on, Wow!!. Forget LA. Forget In-N-Out's. It only took 2 minutes sharp for me to suck this juicy burger. And I'm not ashamed of telling you that the 2nd burger I ordered, Crispy Burger Melt with crunchy smoked beef, been all gone after 90 seconds. Too bad, La Piazza is not the place I could visit everyday. so HOTSHOTS when you gonna open your store in Central or South Jakarta?