Monday, June 20, 2005

You Bastards Killed Kenny!!!

The weekend was pretty mundane. I went out Friday night to Plaza EX to watch “The Amityville Horror”. It was a pretty good movie with all the right thrills and chills. It was a safe bet for me because every time I got scared I would just think of “Van Wilder”. It reminded me a lot of The Shining. But of course you can’t compare the director to Kubrick. Watching that inspired me to watch “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” yesterday. This is by far one of my favorite movies and great for a Sunday evening.

On Saturday I managed to get out and engage in one of my preferred pastimes, drinking. I went to this fairly new pub in Kemang, called The Highlander. As you can guess from the name, it is a Scottish theme bar with a hard wood paneled, cozy interior. They have a thick red carpet as most traditional pubs do, and they have a brand spankin new pool table. It is a pretty comfortable atmosphere over all, and the female staff is pleasant to look at and converse with.

My main motive for driving half way across town to a Scottish pub was my thirst for Kilkenny Draught Beer. There used to be a place that actually had it on tap but now we only get the stuff in cans. I used to refuse to drink this from a can but now I have warmed up to it. They have actually managed to capture the fresh taste of draught in a can with the use of a WIDGET. The widget is a small plastic ball, about 1.2 inches in diameter. It releases nitrogen or carbon into the beer as soon as the can is popped. This gives it the milky head that defines its taste. Now as far as design goes, they did not leave it at that. The holes in the ball that release the gas are also set at an angle so that the ball will spin when the can is cracked to create instant foam without having to pour!! Technology is a trip man, especially when they put it to good use like this.

Yesterday I also inaugurated my nephews’ remote control car. The thing is actually about 2 feet long and pretty heavy too…Good fun fucking with cars coming down the street.

I also have to add that The Highlander serves up a wikid English breakfast all day, which includes bacon, ham, sausages, fried bread, and potato scones. This rocks after a hot night of heavy drinking.


AmitD said...

You know how to enjoy life my friend.... keep rockin baby!!!

Shan said...

Yummmm *slurp* So much for nursing my hangover!

Avi said...

Hope you can all join me here for some soon.

Amit - Get your ass back to the chess game man. Just casue I had you cornered does not mean to can back out. I have a replica of the board set up in my office. Am I jobless, or am I jobless.

rishtafari said...

Avi, yr gonna luv the pub scene here, cant wait for you to come in August, I think i will go and have a pint for you this evening accross the street at the Albany Arms

Avi said...

I am gona hit all the Arm's with you. You gonna come to Bulgaria with me?