Monday, July 25, 2005

AirBox Go-kart Track

Yesterday afternoon, some friends and I ventured to Artha Gading Mall to go-kart. After a night of heavy drinking, we were all feeling a little adventurous. Overall we had a great time even though my hands are still hurting from the experience. If you are ever in the area it is a fun way to spend an evening. There is not much outdoor stuff to do in Jakarta and having a go-kart track on the roof of a mall is a very metropolitan concept, but it is pleasant to get some fresh air for a change.


Jax said...

Two things I thought of when I read this post and saw the associated pictures. First, I thought that it was pretty cool all the equipment that comes with go-karting these days. Years ago, when I tried my hand at this and when I used to see people go-karting, there was no such thing as a helmet or gloves. Thank God for the seat-belt/safety harness thing though! Second, I was wondering if anyone had messed up badly enough and gone flying off this terrace track. I don't why, but I just tend to think this way. Not something they'd advertise even if it did happen, eh?

Good stuff man.

Avi said...

He he he... You morbid bastid. This mall is soooooo fucking big bro. It is gigantic! The track is pretty far from the edges and the walls around the edges are high too. But that would be some funny shit. at least the falling person would be wearing a helmet.