Friday, July 15, 2005

Board Meeting

The Jakarta Pool League is kicking off next Wednesday so the comity held a meeting with all captains last night. I showed up at Aphrodite at about 10 past 8 and was directed to a conference room on the second the second floor. I had plans for the night so I was simply wearing a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt. Upon entering the room I actually saw what seemed to be a board meeting. People were seated around a large rectangular arrangement with a white board at the head of the table that was already covered in writing. As I was late all heads turned to me as I walked in. Quietly, I took a seat next to some people I know. Pretty much right after I sat down, a waiter brought me a mug of chilled beer. Things were picking up. Although a lot of the guys were wearing ties and seemed very serious, the atmosphere was fairly jovial. We basically spent the following 2 hours going through and debating the rules of the league. As you can see from the pictures below we were given a 17 page guide!!! What the fuck am I gonna do with that? I must be the worst captain ever.

But the whole affair was a good laugh as there was a lot of shit slinging and the beer was free. I wish all my board meetings could be like that. Free flow beer and everybody smoking. Every once in a while I would just look around the room and smile to myself, wishing I had a camera so I could blog it. ( am I pathetic) Towards the end everyone was pretty trashed. The head of the comity made one statement that pretty much summed up the reason for being there. He said something like, “The rules exist so the teams can win fairly and moreover to prevent any drunken brawls”. That just cracked me up. During the first season some dude actually swung a pool cue at another guy. But it was also clarified that there have been no such incidents since then. That meeting was full on tom foolery and I had a fucking blast. It will go down every Thursday for the next 2 months.

After that I headed out to Embassy in Taman Ria where my mates Steven and the Coconuts were jamming on the roof top. There were about 5 bands that I watched before they came on and dude, they fucking ripped it up. The whole crowd was grooving, jumpin, dancing, and screamin. It was down right wikid. From there I flew to a party at Loft, which is across form Bliss. The scene was okay, but I linked up with Puts and the booze was mad free flow. I don’t know how long I stayed there and at what time I left. On the way home I was pretty tired but fairly sober. I stopped at a traffic light in Rawamangun. The next thing I knew there were people knocking on my window. I looked at the clock and I realized that I had fallen asleep for at least 15 minutes. I put my foot down and took off immediately. Oh, scary.

I have been intending to go for a massage all week but I have not made it as yet. Today I MUST get the fuck out of the office early and go chill at the spa. If I could take a camera in there I would blog it. But take my word for it, it is awesome, ask Brother Ro. Massas? Happy fuck faces and have a good weekend.

2 songs you NEED to down load TODAY. Rally Round and Roller Skates by Steel Pulse. Life without music, I cant go. And BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brother Rishtafari! Love you man. *sniff*


AmitD said...

Happy Birthday tazzan... hope shit is goin well for you. Avi, have I said yet that you know how to enjoy life? Well you do... have a nice long massage for me as well.

Innayat said...

Fucker you like to do silly stuff at traffic lights. Or you seem to like to fall asleep behind the wheel dont you....... Brother i wish i ould have seen those fuckers knock on your window and you wake up in shock whipe the drule off your face and step the pedal to the metal.
stay the fuck awake will be home soon brother

Avi said...

Alls good in the hood brother Inny. See you soon