Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Heat Is On

Last night our pool team got together for the first time. Although all the players did not make it I was still pretty satisfied with the general vibe and energy we had flowing. We spent the evening drinking, eating, drinking, and trying to practice but it was more about making merry than anything else. I actually wanted everyone to get to know one another so that we can basically have a good time over the next 2 months. Like I said, I am not a great pool player but I do work well on motivation. And anyone who disagrees with me can SOK MOI DYIK!

Tonight is our first game at D’s place against their Vipers. I believe they are a pretty good team but I am confident we can kick their asses. If any of you would like to follow the scores and stats, we are in group C. Check out the Jakarta International Pool League website. They usually update it every Friday. The international section schedule and conference standings have not been updated or added as yet so give them a few days.

We finally went with the name Fezilicious as I was put on the spot at the last minute and I could not think of anything else. Here are some pictures of the new uniform.


Jax said...

Hey Avi, the uniforms look 'wikid'. That's some pretty cool shit right there man. Slick black, with the 8-ball on the back. And the name's cool too (although with the number of suggestions you got it's hard to imagine the 'on the spot' bit...hahaha). Will check out the progress. Best of Luck! And just have a good time!

Avi said...

Dude, there was just so much going on in my brain and they hit me up to make a decision as I was leaving a bar at 2am.

But thanks dude, the shirts are pretty phat.