Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Brain is Gado-Gado

In an attempt to shift my party and drinking scene into a lower gear, I invested some money into a collection of TV series DVD’s. I have totally flooded my brain with all this useless information in order to desensitize my hunger. Here is a list of what I have been up to in my private time. It’s kind of sad really. But do not be worried to read on if you are watching any of these shows. There are no spoilers here.

LOST Season 1
This is a fucking amazing show about a group of people who survive a plane crash on a mysterious island. It kind of reminds me of those old RPG games like MYST. The story line also gives us a glimpse of one of the passengers past in every series, slowly tying them together. Each character has got an unexplained history that brought them to the island. The climaxes are thrilling and extremely captivating. One Sunday I watched 10 episodes back to back. Watching it at night was also a little bit scary (I had to sleep with the light on one night). I have to wait 1 year till I can get season 2 on DVD!! I can’t take the suspense. People with interests in sci-fi as well as people with metaphysical interests will both find this show very thought provoking. It can spawn invigorating dialogue between viewers as there is just so much that is unknown. Some people may find that there are too many loopholes and there is no realistic way they can tie it all together but I see some direction here. Every time this show slows down a little they blow you away with something else. LOST is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The OC Season 2
I thoroughly enjoyed season 1 of The OC. It started with a guy from the rough side of the street (Chino CL) being adopted by a wealthy, good hearted family in Orange County. Season 1 ended with everybody splitting up in all different directions and season 2 kicks off with them coming back together. I enjoyed season 1 more I guess but in all fairness, season 2 is also very entertaining. My favorite character would have to be Seth (aka Sethalah). He possesses an extremely unique brand of humor that is only borderline sarcastic. The show also has an amazing soundtrack featuring a wide range of Indy rock. Season 2 ended with an equally dramatic climax that has left me concerned about my friends in The OC. It’s a good pass time and the writers really know how to turn the game around on you just when you feel you have the plot pinned. I feel this show might take a 90210 spin after the next season but I hope not. It is good light hearted fun.

Scrubs Season 1
In between watching these serious shows that put me on an emotional roller coaster ride, I decided to wind down with Scrubs. I had never really heard of this show but they found a fan in me after only the first episode. The show kicks off with a group of medical student’s fresh out of Med School and starting their first residency in a hospital. It does not usually take a serious spin on subject matter as many comedies do. The characters are all very unique and extremely funny. We get a glimpse into all of their perceptions with very comical usage of CGI. One character in particular, the mentor doctor is just too hilarious. He is the height of sarcasm. I especially like the way he calls the male interns a variety of female names like Shirley, Kate, Carol, Susan, and Mary every time they show even a little bit of sensitivity. This show is spit up your drink through your nose funny.

Nip/Tuck Season 2
I have not really finished this yet but I am about half way in. Although it is a good time pass and it keeps me out of trouble, I do not find it as engaging as the first season. The story lines have gotten more personal revolving around the doctor’s families and not so much around the clients. They do have some interesting procedures and the surgery scenes are pretty mind blowing. The cool doctor still hooks up with loads of hot chicks and there are some steamy sex scenes. I guess what is lacking here is just the suspense or thrill factor. If I can find another set of movies of series this weekend, then I will probably shelve this show.

Harry Potter 6
I know this is not a movie but I also managed to read this book last week. I bought it the day it came out and managed to finish it off in a week. For those of you who have read the other books this is obviously a must read. Without giving the plot away, all I can say is that I found it hard to follow up with references to the previous books because I read them all so long ago. It took about half the book for me to get back into pace and feel the characters once again. I think Rowling has pushed very hard to make it clear that Harry and his crew aren’t just kids anymore, and I think she has succeeded in changing the general perception of the readers to see that. I did enjoy the book overall but I think it should have been released the same year as the next one. This book ends where the real story should begin. It has got me thirsty but it is unreasonable to wait 2 years for a climax. But, what to do? On another level I found there to be some similarities between Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker. I hope this parallel to Star Wars does not hold through with Voldermort saying “Harry Potter… I am your farzahh!!!”

And that is how I have been killing my time. This way I tend to save just a little bit of money for my up coming holiday and I am giving my liver some well deserved rest. If you do leave any comments about the shows above, please write SPOILER above your comment if it says anything that gives the plot away. And Amit, unworry, I am passing all these DVD’s on to you.

*Warning - Kids, don’t watch too much TV or your might just replace your mind with useless garbage information. And avoid all commercials. Buy your series on DVD only. And I do not condone the purchase of pirate DVD’s. Be cool, stay in skool.


Nikeeta said...

This is completely irrelevant to the topic, but out of curiosity, how are you related to Ms. Jenny? She happens to be my boss.

AmitD said...

Avi, Nip Tuck is the shit baby... Lost doesn't interest me that much though. Just seems too some way be.... haha don't have the words to describe it. I hope the dvds you hooking me up with ain't camera print coz that would suck.... hook me up brah!!

Avi said...

Nikeeta - Does it matter? It wasnt me.

Amit - Take a chill pill son. The prints are blog worthy!!! And how can you not like lost? FREAK!!! Sorry, I am so fuckin out of it.

ival said...

I dont know about Nip Tuck...that show is pretty sad man...

I think LOST rules brah...I watch eveyr episode...or at least try to. Its got an awesome story line and keeps you guessing...lots of suspense...better still as you keep saying...hey I know where that is...haha...

Heres a list of the locations:
Iraqi Prision Camp - abandoned military complex inside Diamond Head Crater
Sydney International Airport - Hawaii Convention Center
Melbourne Walkabout Tours - Studio 1 gallery
Plane Crash site - Mokuleia on the North Shore
The Rainforest scenes are all over the islands
The Caves with water - the Old Xeroz building where the crazy guy shot a few of his work mates. Yep, Xerox moved out after that and now LOST is renting it and have the caves built in that building with waterfalls and shit.

The whole show was shot all over Hawaii.

ival said...

Out of 4 new shows they started filming in Hawaii...most got cancelled after a few episodes...LOST is the only one that made it to the second season!!

AmitD said...

Dunno man... Lost just doesnt do it for me. Something about it doesn't feel right. Carnivale looks pretty cool though.

Avi said...

Lavi - That was awesome dude. You should be a tour guide. Seriously bro. LOST fans would love that shit. And I would have thought Amit would love this show. Maybe he finds it a bit too scary.

Amit - What is Carnival? I am looking forward to this other show, wonderfalls. I also finished Las Vegas already. James Cann is the man. I am going to buy some new stuff today including Sopranos 5.

Nikeeta - Seriously, I do not mix my real life with my "online persona". So keep a secret ;-)But i am glad you enjoy the blog. T shirts are available for $20 a pop.

Dont you guys like scrubs?

rishtafari said...

Scrubs rules! Its actually a therapeutic show, perfect for anytime and will make anyone who watches it happy. Yr bound to find something in common with one of the characters. After you see what dumbasses some of these guys are yr bound to feel better about the stupid shit you do... funny as hell!