Tuesday, August 16, 2005


What a weekend. I can’t begin to translate what an amazing time we had in Bali. We went to some awesome parties and met some wonderful people, but the high light for me was being able to spend time and catch up with friends. We got to Bali on Thursday night and met up immediately with Jimmy, Franz, and François. They came over to the villa where we had some (2 bottles) drinks and then progressed to the bars.

We usually kicked things off at Hu’u Bar. It has a really serene atmosphere and a mellow crowd. It is usually never over crowded and as we are regulars, we are insured a nice spot out in the garden. In the past the pool (that is mainly for decorative purposes) has witnessed some pretty awesome bomb dives. There was also some sort of fashion program going on this week in Bali so the crowd in the bars we frequented was extremely good looking. We attended a 007 fashion show at Ku De Ta on Saturday night that was just mind blowing. The ambiance was awesome and I felt I was in some F TV show. It cost about $50 US for entry to the party and the prices of drinks were pretty steep but it was all well worth it. The show itself worked through most of the James Bond themes, switching through the title songs like Diamonds are Forever, From Russia with Love, Live and Let Die, etc… They also had a lingerie show which was… HAT DAMN MAMI!!! The models were all Italian so let your mind wander if you will.

We spend most afternoons kicking it by the pool and listening to music. It is extremely relaxing. Of course a couple of us actually did have work to do. I went up to visit a cannery that was 3 hours drive out of the city. They can tuna, mackerel, and sardines. When I was about 2 or 3 kilometers from the place I stopped to buy some smokes and by God, what a stench came in through the window. None the lass I powered on. I got to the cannery when I opened the door I swear I amoslt fell over. I have never smelt anything like this in my life. I was greeted by 2 managers there and they could obviously see I was having gag reflexes to the stench. Then one guy said to me, “Mr. Avi, that is the smell of money lah!” I was fine soon after. The factory was not running production that day as it was Jumat Manis (Sweet Friday) and it is taboo to fish on that day. So I did get to check out the production line without being splashed by fish guts. It was interesting. I did not get enough pictures because my battery died.

On Sunday we spent the day surfing and fucking around in the waves at Dreamland beach. It has gotten very crowded since I first went there 4 years ago but it is still fairly pleasant. There are mostly European women walking around and sun bathing topless on the beach, which makes for a very beautiful atmosphere. And for all the ladies (and some of you gents) there are more than enough surfer dudes and Brazilians walking around in Speedo’s.

The sunset that evening was inspirational and I ended up delaying my trip back home. Over all it was remarkable but now I am back at work and I got shit loads to do. Reality bites. I could go on and on using numerous adjectives for beautiful but I think you get the idea. I did not take any pictures at the clubs either cause I did not want to look like a trigger happy tourist all night. Plus I would surly have lost my camera. There are some other misadventures I have have to blog so till then, check out the audio posts. There are mad shout outs to a bunch of you so how bout some feedback?


AmitD said...

sorry dawg no speakers or headphones at office....sweet pics though. glad to hear you had a good time, though that was never in doubt.

Avi said...

One day Amit, you and me gonna make a trip to Bali that will change the way you see the world. No more video game infultrated dreams. No one else tuned in for the audio? Bastids! The cost of those long distance calls for nothing.