Monday, September 05, 2005

A Long Week End

Time is going by so fast. Last Friday was a holiday here and today is already Monday. I can’t even recall in full length what actually went down. I do remember that we fell out of the pool league and that totally sucked. Although we were not at the top of our group, the showdown gave us a chance to play 2 matches against the top team in another group to balance things out. The top team in this case happened to be another team from Fez. These guys are pretty bad ass too and one of the Fez Lounge owners was on their team as well.

We had lost the first match 5-7. Therefore in order to knock them out and move to the next round we would have to beat them by 8-4 at the next meeting which took place on Friday. We started off well with Ash winning the first 2 games. I lost the next 2 games, but in my own defense, I was playing the best player in the entire league probably. And I got pretty close to winning one of the games. I should have. DJ Cabul won the third pair and Munna Bhai cleaned up the fourth. With 2 games (4 points) to go, we only needed 1 point to draw and 2 points to win. Needless to say, we got nothing. The game ended 6-6 and with last weeks score that left us knocked the fuck out. So close yet so far away. We almost had those bastards. It would have been a colossal win, like David and Goliath.

Yesterday was interesting. A guru visited my house for lunch and we engaged in some interesting conversation that I will shed light upon some time in the near future. I got a pretty heavy week ahead but I do hope I come across or experience something some thing truly blog worthy.

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