Monday, September 12, 2005

A Quicky

I came across this website called Silk Tide today. It is pretty cool. You type I your URL into a box and after clicking “test”, you get a full break down of statistics about your web site. This is really cool for your business site or even your blog, to tickle your fancy. They rate everything from your design to your marketing. They also give you a list of words that would likely pull up your sight on Google.

Silk Tide also gives you a rating on a button that you can add to your blog. The rating will change as people vote for you. I don’t know what the fuck that is about though. As you might notice I have also added a counter on my blog that chows how many people are viewing my blog at any particular time? Why have I don’t this you may ask. Well I felt a bit jobless this evening and decided to fuck around with my HTML for a bit. I almost lost all my content in the process. Once again I have proven to myself that an idle mind is the devils workshop. So now I can know when any of the 19 readers that frequent this blog are in the house.

I also came across this website today. In an effort to restore an old wheelbarrow for his wife, this guy totally PIMPED it up!!! It is a four part entry that is totally worth the read. The only thing missing for me was commentary from Xhibit (host of MTV Pimp My Ride) right at the end saying “You have officially been pimped”. He also got pictures and reviews of other projects he has worked on plus some awesome bikes. Now this is what a productive person does. I usually think of something to do and then just spend a year talking about it.


jason said...

cool blog I like it. keep up the good work!

Avi said...

Mahalo m8...