Wednesday, September 21, 2005


My afternoons at work are sometimes pretty slow before things pick up again after 2.30 pm. It is usually around that time that I surf the net reading blog’s and catching up with news and such. I remember first hearing about blog’s in 1998 on the BBC program Click Online. At the time I had no idea what the fuck a blog was. In fact for many years I randomly heard people mention blog’s and I would simply nod and pretend to know what was going on. The first blog I probably started reading religiously was Spanky McWanker. From there I got into many other ones such as Sixth Seal and Kenny Sia, after which I got off my lazy introverted ass and started my own.

Since then I have a whole list of blog’s that I read almost on a daily basis. We all (well most of us) have that free hour or 2 at work where we can doss off on line, queuing up songs to download on Lime Wire, catching up with the news, looking at pictures of yachts you will probably never be able to afford, looking at pictures of babes you will never meet, no doubt the brothers must be surfing porn, and of course checking out other blog’s.

What is it about blog’s that make them so interesting to read? Some focus on humor which is always acceptable and entertaining, only that humor is rated differently by different people. One mans candy can be another’s poison. Also, how long are you gonna be funny before you start posting random internet circulated jokes on your blog. There are many different ones ranging from parenting to home improvement that take various different approaches to blogging. Some people are out to get hits and make some money while other find the action somewhat therapeutic.

I like personal blog’s, with pictures. On some level it is like reading a persons diary; getting a glimpse into another persons life and seeing how they live and learning about what they believe and why. Also when I read my friends blog’s and they read mine it is as though we are regularly in touch. When I write about a party I went to or a movie I watched, I put it down just as I would if I were talking to one of my mates who was reading it. Since I have started blogging I have remained very close to my old friends and I have even managed to make new some very good new friends. I find that we are growing and passing time together.

There are some pretty edgy bloggers out there that are honestly some of the most creative writers I have come across. I don’t know how many of you browse through these erotic blog’s but there are some really good ones! There are quite a few that are authored by escort chicks which throw out some mind boggling stories. You actually get to see things from their point of view. Some dudes just have a good time throwing up porn pictures which is quite boring. But then there are also blog’s authored by swinging couples and hot housewives. Reading these has really opened my mind up to a whole new world. None of the sites I have linked to are perverse or degrading to woman in any way, in my opinion at least. But than again, from what people say, I have very low moral values so trek forth at your own discretion.

From a very young age I heard about swingers. Not a bunch of party guys living in a city and hitting swing clubs, but couples going to parties and getting down with other couples. The whole car keys in a hat thing. I heard stories in the small town I grew up in and in the big city I now live in. Although I know these stories are true, I don’t really KNOW they are true. I have actually had hits on my site with the search words swingers Jakarta. It has got to be out there. I read on some blog’s about actual swing experiences in the US and it kind of made it all real for me. People actually do this. Could people in my own community actually be doing this too? Thoughts like this really weird me out. Especially if I start to wonder if my parents ever did it!!?? Ohhhh!!! Erase that thought. Sorry.

It seems like there are quite a few financially stable and socially established couples that are full on swingers. These people are not weirdo’s or freaks, or even perverts. They have a sexual desire that they are fulfilling consensually. And somehow from what I have read, these marriages seem very successful where each partner is extremely devoted to the other, more so than in many other apparently ‘healthy’ relationships I have seen. I can not figure out where this desire stems from let alone understand it. But maybe that is a good thing, because if I understood it I would probably want to give it a shot.

I am not married nor have I ever been in a very long term relationship so I do not know what it is like to get bored with your partner, sexually or physically that is. To be emotionally and intellectually bored is something else. Is it sexual boredom that compels people to swing? You have the intellectual connection and you love each other, but you just plain tired of eating Aloo Gobi and Chapati every day. A little fillet minion every once in a while can’t hurt you. I can understand that part. I guess.

I don’t really consider myself to be a jealous type but I don’t think I handle another man having sex with my wife or even my girl friend, even if I knew she loved me. It just does not sit well. I have dated some women who were into experimenting but that usually stayed within the two of us and did not involve any third parties. I am just as curious as the next guy to try out a little 3 some action but at what cost? So I guess I can continue to have my questions answered by blog’s and I am very grateful for that. Life is short and I enjoy being exposed to and understanding these “alternate lifestyles” to a certain extent. And for that I am grateful. So fuck all the bastards who want to censor blog’s and to the bloggers; DON’T BE SHY LAH!

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