Friday, October 21, 2005

From The Plane

I am sitting on the plane heading to Accra. The stop over in KL was fairly short. We did not even get of the plane. I passed the time making idle chatter with the Indon dude I am taking to Accra with me. Honestly, I am kinda worried how he is gonna handle the bush.

Fortunately, about 20 minutes into the flight a HOT stewardess rolled up to me and said, “Avi, is that you?” And I said, “Why yes it is”. It turns out this old friend of a friend was a flight attendant on this flight... Thank you Ash, yes you now her, think… On the JKT-KL sector she gave me extra drinks, not to mention champagne. She also made me seem like a hero in front of the colleague I am taking with me.

Yes, I have started drinking again. It is so fucking cold on the plane. I am supposed to remain celibate and alcohol free so I was torn between taking a flight attendant into the restroom and creating sufficient body heat in 5 minutes to last the 7 hour journey to Dubai, or breaking down and sippin just a little bit of fire water to keep it real.

So here I sit, typing this shit and sipping JD. Some other bizzatch stewardess told me they have run out of JD. What kind of BS is that? Ah well. I will sip the 3 glasses I booked in advance and chat with my new friend. I shudder at the thought of facing actual human beings in the airport tomorrow that will actually expect to hear something semi coherent to slip out from between my lips.

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