Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I have been kind of slacking on the blogging front recently but I have really good reason. My cousin is here in Jakarta from Spain to get married. His wife is from PADANG and they met while he was living here 4 years ago. The wedding is set for next weekend. Most of the family is already in and we have been running around all day making arrangements, staying fed, and getting drunk. We are all going to be wearing traditional PADANG outfits for the wedding and I am looking forward to the whole affair. Rest assured that it will be blogworthy, hence it will be blogged. This food is bound to be fucking awesome too, especially the RENDANG. Unfortunately there will be no booze served. But ever ready, ever sure, I will be carrying my hip flasks.

Apart from all that I am also taking off to Singapore tomorrow, just for a night and then this time next week I will be off to Bali for 2 whole weeks. I really need to get all this shit of my desk so I can focus on having a good time with out any unnecessary stress. We have been having some pretty wild nights up till now and I got some awesome pictures that I got to put up, just so those fuckers who were supposed to be here and are not here yet can feel really shitty. But first I need to insure that my empire will not collapse in my absence!!!

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IndCoup said...

padang food is great, I agree.

But taking hip flasks to a wedding!!
hahahah! Unbelivable!!