Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hydropolis, Dubai

When I read about this I thought, ‘no fucking way’. Only after I scoured numerous websites do I believe that they are actually building a hotel under sea in Dubai. A completely submerged hotel!! “The 107,700 m2 development will be built at a depth of 20m, around 300m from the coastline. It will be structured in three elements: a land station, connecting tunnel, and submarine complex.” You can visit the official home page here if you find it hard to believe.

The 220 suite hotel is scheduled to open in 2007 and its estimated cost is around US$500 million. They actually have to build a plant to manufacture the Plxi Glass they need for the project. The hotel will feature amongst numerous other things, a marine biology research center and a reconstructive surgery clinic.

The concept of the Hydropolis belongs to one Joachim Hauser. The project developer intends to harmonize the 80% of water that all human beings are made of, with its own element. His design is based on various factors relating to the human body, and of course the design will also do the same, down to the finest details. Not to mention you can also see it from outer space!

A project of this scale is completely mind blowing. The ball room will feature a retractable ceiling and some rooms will have submerged ocean views. You can get more details regarding the structure and features here.

Joachim Hauser describes the concept for the hotel thus: "With Hydropolis a habitat will materialize for the first time worldwide which sets completely new standards with respect to the quality of experience and living. Hydropolis provides an ambience in the last uninhabited frontiers on earth in which a visit will be an unforgettable experience in the life of each individual guest. The distinctiveness of this unique hotel resort results from the harmonic interaction of the site as well as the holistic architectural and atmospheric composition corresponding to the site."

A day’s stay there is rumored to cost $3000 to $5000… To see Atlantis, I think it will be worth it. Developments like this never fail to blow me away. It is sad that less then 10% of the people this planet will actually get to experience this marvel. On one hand I think it is too much for the people and planet to handle and on the other I think it is amazing to see what man and technology can actually achieve.


surri said...

people need to stop watching so much tv man....why dont we just keep hotels where they belong...on the side of the street....gaaaddammnnn....whats this world coming least we're keeping it real in indonesia...

IndCoup said...

I have mixed feelings on this.

Sure it's a technical miracle, but aren't we forgeting that huge numbers of people in countries like Indonesia still live on less than 5 dollars a day?

blizzardofoz said...

I think it's fucking sweet!
I can see why they're doing it too. Dubai now realizes that most of its future income is going to come from tourism. So they're taking the right steps to make sure that they get that level of tourism.

And it's beautiful! I'd pay to see that.

Anonymous said...

To believe in a true story is always a good idea.
Everything else might proove to be a rather bad idea.