Thursday, January 05, 2006

Kings Cup

About a year ago my buddy Minal taught us a new drinking game called Kings Cup. Now while some people may find drinking games childish and immature, I happen to believe they are a great way to get the evening rolling and put people in the right ‘mood’ for a night out, or a night in for that matter. I have played numerous games over the years including Drunk Driver, Bull Shit, Asshole, and Crazy Eights, but Kings Cup is by far the MOST fun drinking game I have ever played. So here is how it goes.

You start off by placing a VERY LARGE empty cup in the center of a fanned out deck of cards, as in the picture below. The circle of cards should be full with no breaks in it. Each player, starting with a full alcoholic beverage, in a glass of their own then proceeds to pull a card from the deck taking turns going clockwise around the group. Depending on what card each player pulls the following tasks must be performed by the drawer. Drinks can be refilled at any point of the game.

2-7 ‘RED’ – The drawer can give out as many sips as the number of the card they draw to whomever they wish. The number can be split, meaning if they draw a 5 they can give 3 drinks to one player and 2 to another. This point is crucial in establishing who your allies and enemies are.

2-7 ‘BLACK’ – The drawer must drink the number of sips of their drink as the number on the card specifies.

8 ‘NEVER EVER’ – As the popular game ‘never ever’, the drawer states something that they have not done before and the ones who have done this all drink. This can work the other way around as well with the drawer stating something they have done. An example is, “I have never given a blowjob”, and who ever has would have to drink, like Rohit. Or one could say, “I have had sex before”, and those who have not would drink, like Rohit once again.

9 ‘RHYME TIME’ – Starting with the drawer saying a simple line, the next person has to say a line that rhymes, creating a poem. The cycle continues until one of the players screws up and must have a sip of their drink. Example, Rohit has a small dick, When his girlfriend saw it she became sick, But she went ahead and gave it a lick, And then she said that’s a mighty fine tasting prick, etc… You get the idea.

10 ‘CATEGORIES’ – The drawer starts by naming a product and then a brand of that product. Each player must then also name a different brand of the same product until some one can not answer, at which point the person drinks. Some of the ones I have heard are Condoms, Sports Shoes, or even Basketball Players. Some of the intellectual drinkers could name poets of the 1600’s or micro-organisms or some other thing I don’t understand.

JACK ‘WATERFALL’ – This round can be lethal to the person sitting on the right of the drawer. The drawer starts by lifting their glass to their mouth and drinking continuously. The person to their left can only stop drinking once the person their right has set down their cup. This creates sort of a continuous wave motion. There is usually an asshole around the middle of the circle who likes to polish their entire drink making life for the people after them very difficult. That person is sometimes me.

QUEEN ‘QUESTIONS’ – The drawer begins by asking any one in the group a question. That person must then turn and ask a related question to another person in the group. The cycle must continue with questions. This is just like the game they sometimes play on the TV show ‘Who’s Line is it Anyways’.

KING ‘KINGS CUP’ – Whoever draws a King can pour any quantity out of their drink into the Kings Cup that is in the middle of table. The person who draws the last (fourth) King must polish what ever is in the Kings Cup. This can prove to be a pretty nasty task.

ACE ‘RULES’ – When a person draws an Ace they are allowed to make a rule. Whoever breaks the rule has to perform the punishment that is set by the rule maker. This is usually a set amount of sips or a shot of straight liquor. Most recently the rules we made included, no saying any persons name, no pointing, and no swearing. After a couple of drinks this is very difficult and extremely funny. Some of the more egocentric rule makers have made their groups praise them every time they have to drink. The bastards!

CIRCLE BREAK – As the cards are laid in a circle, one of the drawers will eventually have to pull a card that will ‘break’ the continuity of the circle. That person must finish all the booze left in their glass. Bottoms Up!

JOKER – The Joker is not usually used in the game but is can be added in as a crazy task card or slave card for the more insane and adventurous amongst us.

Mahalo to Minal for hooking us up with this awesome game. It continues to serve me well on nights that are slow to get moving. And as Kevin (and others who were present) will testify, this game is a great laugh. Let me know how it goes if anyone gives it a shot. And trust, this is worth giving a shot. Its beats the hell out of scrabble. And Rohit, I am missing your company. Keep it safe and drink responsibly.


kubolo bway said...

howsh, you no lef ro alone atoll!!

Avi said...

i just want to get the mans attention...

Anil Mahtani said...

Playing this game with Avi et al was one of my best nights ever. You the man Bismilah, you the man. Keep it real.

Shan said...

Haha love the Never Ever one - must try it but I only hope that people will be honest and not lie their way out of drinking :)
BTW I have "Tagged" you with a MeMe. Check my blog for the questions! Am sure you will come up with some excellent answers.

Kareem said...

8 is "Never Have I Ever" and 9 is "Bust a Rhyme" (just giving you the correct terminologies)
There are other rules like
6 = Chicks (girls drink)
7 = Dicks (guys drink)
and if I think of more I'll let you know
I miss drinjking with you!