Friday, January 13, 2006

One Love

I am off again this afternoon to lovely Singapore. Actually as I have mentioned before, I don’t really care much for the place but after discovering China Town and the Scarlet Hotel, I feel I have something to look forward to. I really like that area and I hope to hit a few bars tonight. Believe it or not but I have not had a drinking night since the New Year!!! It is not as if I am trying to quit drinking but it has just happened. I have not been out to a single bar or club since I have been back and apart from smoking a few J’s, I have been totally clean. And I have been smoking a pack of Marlboro’s a day which I am really not happy about.

I am meeting a friend of mine from Ghana tonight so I am eager to catch up with him. He is getting married this summer so I am savoring our final moments together. I keep warning the bastard that he is jumping straight into the fire but the fool is blinded. He has been in love with this girl since we were in our early teens and in a way I am glad that they are ending up together. Through the years they have stayed in touch and after much persistence he even started dating her in college. He would drive from the town he was living in for 4 hours just to spend a weekend with her. So now he is buying the cow.

There are so many weddings I have to attend this year. My friends are like lemmings. They are all following each other off the cliff. I am heading back to Bali next week, then to India in June, and Mombassa in September. And it is not as if I enjoy going to weddings but these are all really close friends of mine so I don’t really have a choice. Being a typical Indian boy I have been getting some pressure from my family to find a woman and tie the knot. My mom has even offered to find me a woman. That is so not my scene though. Personally I do not put much faith in marriage. I mean if 2 people want to spend their lives together then go for it. Why do you have to have this elaborate ceremony being blessed by gods and protected from demons? No ceremony will really solidify or guarantee a joyful union.

I think marriage can eliminate insecurity. That way the partner who is not secure can feel somewhat insured that their spouse will not up and leave them the next morning. Marriage also requires commitment. Personally the only thing I am ready to commit to is a new tattoo. I am not really into putting logo’s or persona on my body but I really like this symbol. I am considering placing it on my upper back. What do you think?


kubolo bway said...

The gonzon art is not bad, but i really dont think it will look nice as a tattoo.

IndCoup said...


ever the cynic!!

And why the fuck have you changed your name? What's wrong with Avi?

Shan said...

Right on!

Avi said...

Ind - You need to read this entry for the explaination of my alias.

Kubolo - Noted!But I have another one in mind. I think I will get it tommorow.

Shan - Keep dodging them bullets.