Wednesday, February 22, 2006


It’s Wednesday and we once again have the opportunity to redeem ourselves after 2 losses. We lost the first game to the Itchy Crams of Crossroads Bar in Fatmawati 4-8, and then last week to Aphrodite also 4-8. In case you are unaware, I am referring to the Jakarta Pool League. The website has been updated and you can even follow the scores on line here. We (Fezilicious) are in conference 3 and at the moment ranked 5 out of 6. Well we are going to have to administer some serious ass whooping if we plan to make a come back. Tonights game kicks off at the Fez Lounge (Kinara) in Kemang.

I came across an AWESOME blog last week. It seems so simple but yet it is so prolific. I really do not want to give it away but this is one to add to your favorites. I am currently working on my submission. You might think I am kidding but something about what they are doing there really appeals to me.

I also came across this 7-Up game that figures out what number you are thinking off. I suck at math and I can’t figure out how Fido Dido does it. He got me twice with 2 different answers and on top of it he left me with some great advice. ‘Be yourself. How else will you remember your name?”


AmitD said...

Yo i reach the point where he says jumble and right three numbers down, but that is as far as it lets me go.

Kareem said...

so i think you should take a bunch of bananas and put them in a toilet and take a picture and call it 'this shit is bananas' or maybe just 'gwen stefani' ~ kk

Avi said...

amit - are you sure you are doing it right? its not rocket sience you know.

kar - i wanna make a shaft bannana, with an afro. or a jimi hendrix bannana. one of these days.

AmitD said...

How bout you stick your dick in a banana... somebody asks you "what are you crazy??" and you reply..."yeah, I'm fuckin bananas!!!"


kubolo bway said...

amit, good rolling on the floor laughing my ass off