Monday, February 20, 2006


*Pronounced KEY (for all the dumb asses like me).

My buddy just rented an office in Singapore. As I have stated over and over again, I really do not care for the city but this view from his office is awesome. This is looking out to where the river meets the ocean. The buildings are really cool and I particularly like the one on the far left. It is like a slim slab with a tapered ridge on its back.

Looking out in the same direction, on the banks of the river is Boat Quay. This is a popular location in the city. I ventured down there after work, at about 4pm, and the walkway was alive with people stopping in to the quaint restaurants for fresh seafood, or kicking back at one of the numerous pubs with a cold one. I favored The Penny Black Victorian London Pub that is located at the far end of the stretch. They have a wide variety of beers on tap and the serves were very friendly.

Looking inland, on the other bank of the river is Clarke Quay. This is also a popular location for bars and restaurants. Although I did not venture there, I understand that both Clarke and Boat Quay are very popular stops for tourists looking to try some local flavors. I noticed traditional Singaporean restaurants, as well as numerous Thai, Indian, and Malay joints. Some of the bars there are pretty seedy but I am sure they would be cheaper than Panny Black which charges S$11 for a pint of Killkenny’s. And that is happy hour pricing too!!!

These old school boats were going back and forth across the river and they were taking passengers from one end to the other as well. The water did not have any visible pollutants in it, like plastic or Styrofoam, which was very pleasant, but I am quite positive it is not clean enough to take a dip it. However it was a really nice day out and had I been on a romantic vacation I would surly have convinced my ‘belle de jour’ to accompany on a skiff up the river. After all it was Valentines Day.

If you do not fancy boat rides, the span of the river is also joined by numerous bridges and underground walkways. I must give the Singaporeans credit for managing such a well planned city. And even when walking past seafood restaurants with live crabs and fresh fish on display, I did not see even one fly!!! I find that mind blowing. I have even visited food courts in the city where fresh fruits, chicken rice, and wild varieties of Indian food are all being served and eaten side by side in open areas and there is not an insect in sight.

BUT… Even though Singapore is so clean and the women so beautiful, I still would never want to live there. I enjoy a good stroll down the main streets. The women there very well so sitting at a café on Orchard Road watching the birds go buy is like being at a fashion show. Who can complain about that? But I like the 3rd world chaos and uncertainty. I need some madness around me when I want to feel sane. As far as material desires go, I can usually source whatever need, where ever I am… Except this.

Cheers… And Happy Birthday.


syl'v said...

r u sure sporean women are beautiful?i think indo are much more beautiful. but sporean women got better body though! can't complain about that :p

Avi said...

actually, I prefer Indo women, but Singaporean women present better. They dress well. Indon girls do too somtimes, but the only time you see them is in the mall or at night clubs.

surri said...

where the hell did u get wild turkey from?