Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I have spent the last 5 days in bed with the flu. This sooo sucks because I was not able to capitalize on the long weekend for Chinese New Year. This whole epidemic has been going around because of the torrential rains that have hit the city. Numerous areas have been flooded and I have not seen the sun in days. This fucking sucks. I have been huddled away in my dark hole and I am void of any thoughts or inspiration.

At least we will be kicking off the Expat Pool League again next week. I am once again captain of the Fezilicious team. We have our games at various bars every Wednesday evening. I have not picked up a cue in months but I am hoping to bring it on this season. I still feel like shite so until I recover. Aloha.


kubolo bway said...

I scored as a bhuddist, but i think the quiz is bull and the questions crappy.

AmitD said...

sup dawg... sorry to hear that you had to interrupt your constant party sessions!! haha foorish boy. anyway, get well soon champ. i just got back from bombay as well and it's amazing how nobody plays fuckin pool over there!! i am dying to go kick some ass already. woulda kicked yours if you were here...maybe another time champ!

Avi said...

kubolo, just ejay it for what it is yaar. dont no need to be so disgruntal dude.

amit, so your stupid ass never made it here. i dont even know what to say. your loss mate.