Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Angry Japanese

I am not going to say anything horrible about Japanese. I love Japanese people and I adore the culture. This is actually about another little game I came across. I do not know what it’s called because the game is in Japanese. It is another reflex game so it does not take log to down load at all and it does not last long either.

Angry Japanese is way more interactive than the last reflex game because you don’t just have to dodge squares but rather dodge this frustrated looking Japanese guy who is out to destroy your cursor. The longer you last, the more devices he will unleash upon you. I warn you now, he is one crafty little fucker. You got to keep your cursor on the blue screen to keep your points. Once you exit the area they reset to zero. Have fun.


treespotter said...

i don't have anything against the japanese either, only as it happens, i have some beyond-angry-bu-i'm-real-pissed-go-fuck-a-coconut-tree real flesh and blood Japanese of good descent in my office. I'm playing that game instead and my Crafty Little Fucker is unleashing with intelligible fury at the moment.

Do you have other Angry Games?

PS: on the template, drop me mail. shoot. I hand code the categories and that's easy enough to do, can't be bothered to do it any other way.

PSS: EXCELLENT Java Jazz report man... i was wanting to do that, obviously, you're doing it better.

Avi said...

The Warbear game i posted a while ago is really good. you get to blow shit up and its a brain bender too.

You have to add HTML on every post you put up to put it in a category? Sounds like a lot of efort but it would be cool to sort all the posts out.

re; hemingway. Its funny what you said cause when I met my Dad last I passed the book on to him and made him read it. While I read it I was reminded of him.