Sunday, April 23, 2006

Di Jin Yuan - Regal Court

That’s where I live now. Regal Court, Guang Zhou. The apartment building is pretty good. They have spiffy looking doormen, a cool fountain out front, and all the amenities like a swimming pool, tennis courts, gym, and billiards room. All are spread over a complex of 6 towers. It is not all that large but it is really clean and there are ample taxi’s available out front. This apartment complex is really popular with people who have just moved to GZ, especially Indians. I heard that there are a good 300 Indian families in Regal Court!!!

The area around the complex is also very visitor friendly. There is a large supermarket down to the left of the building and a department store to the right. There are also bakeries and everyday product stores all over the place. I am stoked that there is a Starbucks just down the street. I usually head there in the morning and get my shot of espresso before facing the day. It is quite a nice change from Jakarta where I have absolutely no where to walk to. I wish there were hotter chicks to look at on the streets though. They pop out every once in a while only.

The Coffee Beanery is the next alternative. It is right across the street and although their coffee is not that great, they serve up a pretty good hot chocolate. They have wireless internet there as well and they are open till midnight. I will dedicate a blog to them one of these days. They are ‘blogworthy’.

The apartment I have rented is over 20 floors up and it commands an awesome view. In my opinion, that was its strongest selling point. Where as most apartments look into other apartments and buildings, this one is facing some wide open spaces. I would hate to have to stare into other peoples living rooms all day. You can see the tallest building in GZ in the back ground. And although this is one huge ass city, I believe this is a quickly developing area in a good neighborhood on the outskirts.

So if any of you are coming my way, holla at me. Shan, I am going to be in Bali around the first or second week of June so try and make your trip around that time. Have a good week yaall.


Shan said...

Cool looking place dude - I just finished my whining post about my travel. June sounds pefect!!!
Thanks for the info :D

Anonymous said...

please continue this type of blog - first impressions and comparisons with jakarta - I find it very interesting. maybe you might eventually risk a few tentative explanations e.g. why less hot chicks in GZ. But for me Im happy with the pics and impressions