Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dinner At Home

Tonight I cooked dinner at home. I don’t think I have actually shopped and cooked a meal from scratch since I was in college. Even when I cook in Indo I usually have the cook cut up all the ingredients for me. Before you judge me for that, if the service is available and I don’t use it then I am just a shmuck. You can call me a spoilt brat if you want and it’s probably true. But the fact remains that when I got to get it done, I do. So here’s most of the shit I cut up. I hate cutting up meat.

So I picked up a bottle of red wine to cook with. I went for a local label called Great Wall of the year 1999. It cost me a whole $4!!! I read the 1993 was a really good year so I picked that up as well for $20. I have not picked up any wine glasses yet so I am drinking out of that chunky blue thing as I write this. The wine is not half bad actually, it not a heavy wine and it is a bit dry. I could use all the regular adjectives but honestly they mean nothing to me. After eating a quarter of it with my meal and drinking the rest, it is making my head heavy as any other cheap wine would.

I actually did not need to buy another bottle of wine. A client who visited me a couple days back actually gifted me a 2002 Bordeaux but I did not have a wine opener. At the supermarket today I could only secure an opener after purchasing a bottle of wine. I swear, the language barrier here is a real task but I am trying as best as I can to learn the language. Most of the time however I am standing there flailing my arms around like an idiot making exaggerated expressions, which my secretary keeps telling me makes me come off like a retard.

The supermarket here really leaves a lot to be desired. First off it is way too large, three floors of groceries and appliances all mixed up. The meat section has meat and sea food hanging all over the place so if you got a week stomach; this is not the place for you. If you can’t find something you are looking for you can just forget about asking for directions or assistance. The likely hood of finding someone who speaks English is about as much as running into a perfect 10 model that is willing to satisfy your every sexual desire. But I managed to get few things that I need. I also managed to find the Corner Deli (it took me 2 days). It supposed to be like Kemchicks with all the imported stuff but the variety was so limited! However, I am not complaining here. It was a pretty cool adventure and I am having fun molding into my surroundings. I could not find whole cream so I had to settle for milk and I could not find black pepper so I made a sort of chilly mustard cream sauce.

I tell you something, it may not look kike much but this food WENT DOWN with half a loaf of French bread. I kind of OD’ed on the onions because I thought I had some big ass mushrooms at home to throw into the mix at home, but I was sadly mistaken. I probably will not heat up the skillet again for at least 3 or 4 days now. I am just as content eating croissant sandwiches from across the street.


treespotter said...

i can understand your fondness of blogging with pictures but why is there none of the supermarket? your meal looks... well.. you know, less than perfect. i'm sure it tastes well.

and btw, once you found that perfect 10 model, she'll satisfy all your desires for sure, and make you do hers as well. the problem is finding that perfect 10 in the first place. the closer you get though, the better.

Anonymous said...

hey avs,
been reading your blog here and there. just wanted to say what's up. take it easy. Mins