Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Real Post (Finally)

I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but I have been really too busy to blog. However, I finally feel like I am settling in to life here and I am about to have my first home cooked meal tonight. With the fair going on I have been out every night and working all day but tonight I have decided to go out a little bit later than usual and spend some QT (quality time) by my lonesome.

The country continues to blow me away a little bit more everyday. There is no limit to what is manufactured here. The manner is which industry has been organized is so ahead of its time. I have visited small towns that have a few factories specializing in certain items like say, shoes. All factories in that area/town will be making shoes or articles related to shoes like laces or rubber soles. These towns are sometimes very small but the infrastructure is already well laid out will solid phone and cable connections, and reliable electricity. The roads and highways are already made sturdy and four lanes way giving way to further growth without worry!!! Isn’t that amazing? On the other hand India builds infrastructure well after the industries boom.

Guang Zhou is still very much of a mystery to me. I really like the area which I live in and the few clubs, bars, and restaurants I have visited but this place is even bigger than Jakarta. So I have probably only checked out Sudirman, Thamrin, and Kunningan. I am really looking forwarding to exploring though so I will be staying here for a few more weeks. After next week I will have a lot more free time. At least I hope so.

For now I remain Indo Dreamin, but who knows… Maybe I will soon be Chino Dreamin’??? Nah, I don’t think so. Even if I keep a running office here I will run back to Indo every so often. I think it has actually become home for me. I actually miss the bars, malls, streets, clubs, FOOD, women, my cars, my family, women, and most importantly of course… My friends. So why consider leaving in the first place? I believe this picture of a Tro-Tro (public transportation vehicle) that Ro took in Accra says it all. And Ro, I will get down to the project one day soon.


killuminati said...

china is becoming an economic powerhouse...i hear there's a lot of business opportunities there from the people who've been there and some of the director's in my company has other businesses (mostly import/export).

it sounds great. have fun mate, and yeah, home is where the heart is. cheers!

kubolo bway said...

dude we need to talk more about your china venture, are you really considering settling there? Pls lets chat once the fair is over and things have cooled down.

Anonymous said...

what wrong with the food in china. Im surprised knowing your obvious good taste and eye for quality.