Sunday, April 16, 2006

Still At It

I was at the Yes Club tonight. I wish I had a link to their official website but I cant find one. Its 3 am and I just got home. I would have stayed out longer but I got shit loads of work to do, today. First off, the people I have met here have been so friendly. Everyone is ready to point me in the right direction and eager to be friends. It is really refreshing and I appreciate it all so much.

So like I said, I was at the Yes club tonight. I have been a bad blogger. I have not been carrying my camera anywhere with me. But meeting a whole but of people for the first time I don’t want to come off as some sort of a picture taking freak. People who do not know about this blog would think I was nuts of I took random pictures of drinks food and clubs. Yes, I will admit that I am self-conscious.

This place is OFF THE HOOK. It is like 5 nightclubs wrapped into one. There must have been at least 4 different sections of it with all different music in each. Trance, R&B, Jazz, and House. The décor is pretty good but not over the top. I mean the place is as large as any mall I have been to in JKT so I guess you can only do so much. It was really good and all but not as intricate as smaller clubs. There was one chill out room however that is so wikid. The walls looked like white foam bubbles that had colored lights shining on them that changed colors. It was like a cool down room. Very trippy. There were also booths in certain areas that sealed off with curtains for people to make phone calls or just get extra friendly. But in no way was the joint sleazy.

The service there was great as well. I believe that they have 250 members on duty at given time!!! It’s like a wholesale club. With that being said, I am so overwhelmed seeing that such a place exists here but I am still looking forward to getting under the skin of this city to see where the locals go and not just the tourists. I think I might stay here an extra week to do that.

Tonight Kara Sun was spinning there and she was awesome. This chick is so expressive and her choice of music is very emotional. I always find it interesting to flow with female DJ’s. They take you on a totally different trip. I really wish I could have some pictures to paint a better picture of the scene. I am also too incapacitated to put down enough adjectives for you to get a real feel for what I am talking about. Yes Club Guangzhou regularly features international DJ’s. Just last week Tiesto performed there.

Once again, sorry for the feeble posting. I better get to bed if I intend to get any work done tomorrow. This city really does not sleep. We even work on Sundays!! I am diggin it though. Always keeping a positive attitude. Mahalo… Too tired to check the spelling.

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