Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Bedroom - Kemang

Bedroom opened up in Jakarta some time last year. I do not remember exactly when but we have been patronizing the joint ever since. It is located in the DECORUS building across the street from KFC in Kemang. Bedroom Clubs have sprouted up in Bangkok, Miami, NYC, and even Mumbai. They all sport the similar theme of not having tables for seating but rather beds. Although some of the international Bedrooms are associated with each other and part of a chain, the one here in Jakarta is not. Nonetheless, the design is very good and the beds are extremely comfortable. They are not full sized beds but rather divan type lounge gazeboes.

There are smaller beds available as well, but you usually should book in advance. There is no real charge for reserving a bed but depending on the size, you have to rack up a minimum amount on the bill. If you are in a decent size group it is worth it to reserve a bed so you have a base to keep your drinks. Plus if you open bottles you can always keep what’s left for another day.

There is an even larger VIP are available for private parties. You could probably entertain 20-25 people on there comfortably. Apart from the large bed that is placed against the wall, the area also has a long, tall, marble table for keeping drinks on, and a large LCD TV for people who can not miss out on their sports games. The VIP areas are not closed off from the rest of the club but rather at the end of a finger that extends out from the dance floor. The smaller tables are closer to the dance floor. Some people prefer that.

As usual, no night can really kick off without ample booze. P Dizzle still had some bottles left over from a party he had here last month, plus we topped the selection off with some more JD. Shan, I always put the Grey Goose in the foreground for you. The prices of bottles at Bedroom are also quite reasonable. You can get a bottle of Jack with mixers for under $100 US. That is a fair price considering this is a top notch club.

There is not a strict dress code enforced as such. I guess you only need to look sharp. Like you should not expect to get in wearing shorts and flip flops, but t-shirts, caps, and sneakers will make you feel right at home. There is no need to get all snazzed up in a jacket either. Some blokes do that but I think it’s a bit pretentious. Check out this shirt a buddy of mine was wearing. I think it’s pretty cool. It says, “Rock and Roll, here to stay”, in JD fashion.

All the beds have white sheers hanging over them. These can either be drawn shut for some romantic privacy (although they are pretty see through) or left open and hanging. These white strips of translucent white cloth hanging from the ceiling defiantly creates a cool laid back atmosphere in the club.

Your field of vision does not carry through from one end of the club all the way to the other but is rather broken but these shards of white cloth making what is really just an open space with furniture, feel like a labyrinth filled with interesting people.

The dance floor is a decent size and by 1am it is usually packed with people. The DJ’s at Bedroom are off the hook. They usually have at least 2 DJ’s in the booth, one who plays R&B and the other dance/techno/club. After 2am its usually all dance, but they are open to requests, the cheesy ones will just be ignored. Guys and girls usually go all out here and more than once I have seen drunken people being carried off. But there is no big deal made out of it and the night goes on. This is not a place for E trippers looking to stand in the middle of the room and swing their heads from side to side. Neither the music nor the atmosphere would suit it.

For the bar flies or folks stopping in for a quick drink, there are 2 bars to perch at. There are a variety of mixed cocktails on the menu as well as liquors and wines. The bartenders also do fire tricks every once in a while. In fact I actually saw the poor dudes face catch fire once when he fucked up the spray. Was not even funny at the time but it was not anything serious either.

So next time you find yourself in Jakarta, check out The Bedroom. I think the international ones are called BED. I went to the one in Bangkok. It was pretty neat as well. Then if you are taking a girl out you can ask her, “Hey, would you like to go to BED with me?” That’s so fucking cheesy man.


Shan said...

Grey Goose? Woo Hoo!!!

There's a BED here in KK - nothing at all like this one. Think they just liked the play on words i.e. "I've just been to BED with 5 of my friends" :s

treespotter said...

i find the place rather ugly actually, not sure, probably the wrong night.

I don't think BED is the same thing, tho i'm not sure.

and last, well... Grey Goose, now i know you have good taste.

Avi said...

give it a try on a satarday night. o friday the crowd is a bit too young.

kareem said...

no pictures of me on there avi???
= (

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