Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back In the Saddle

Today has been unusually busy. More than people coming to me with shit to do, I have been on everybody else’s ass about stuff they have not taken care of. Apart from that I have also finally gotten off my ass and started work on the kid’s room. Now you are wondering if I have kids. And you are probably wondering how deranged they must be with a father like me. Well, I have 3. Triplets actually. But the forces that are have thankfully spared them of my genetically and chemically mutated DNA. They are actually my sister’s kids but have been living here over the last few years. And although I never write about them here, they and my goddaughter Kaiya who is living in NYC, mean more to me than pretty much anything or anyone in this world. They just turned 4 last week so this picture is outdated. But I still wish they were this small. Kaiya tured 1 yesterday. Happy birthday sweety.

So right now they are visiting their father in Ghana and I find myself alone in this huge house. I miss them like fucking crazy. It’s so quite now. My sis, Inny, and I had painted their room ourselves when we moved into this house and it’s about time for a change. I got the time and some energy now. I think I am just really motivated after the trip to the beach. I am not sure what to go with. They are all boys but I do not want to go over the top with a masculine theme. They love flowers, nature, and fairies too. I am looking for a street artist who could possibly do some murals. Tomorrow I will probably head down to Ace Hardware and see what stencils I can pick up. I am going to drag my friends into this project with me so those of you who are reading this; you know where we are this weekend. The old paint is being stripped off the walls as I write this. If any of you have any cool ideas let me know. Maybe Peter Pan? Or a reggae theme?

Their names are Aaryan, Siddharth Nesta, and Zubin. The room should be a fun project to do and I have to get it done by this weekend. I’ll post some pictures of what I see when I get home today.


treespotter said...

the eyes man!!! What are they staring at? are you making funny faces or something?

God, i'm having the shittiest day so far, and this is the first thing that makes me laugh today!

AmitD said...

Cute little buggers...they must have passed me by now eh? :)

Avi said...

They were pretty bugged out. The round one was always like that though. In every picture. And dude, no matter how shitty a day I have had at work, once I get home it all just goes away.

Amit, they are there in Accra. Have you not bumped into them yet? Having a beer at Tupip.

Jax said...

Awww. Cho chweeeeet!!! Really man, they look cute, and I know that all babies look cute...but the roly-poly ones are just that much more so.

And you're right treespotter, what are these kids staring at? I don't think the faces are funny at all man, because in both pictures the kid, who's first on the right and then in the middle, looks scared!

Avi said...

Dude, you have no idea how hard it was to get them all just looking in one general direction! It was quite a laugh actually.