Friday, June 30, 2006


The last 2 weeks have been non-stop work, with a little bit of play of course. I am taking off on Sunday to India to attend a very good friend’s wedding. It will surly be a trip and a half. Indian weddings have so many occasions so it will be interesting to blog as well. I will be meeting a bunch of my mates from Ghana as well. My liver is going to be put to the test once again but I am hoping after all the parties I will have the time to go in for a full medical check up. I have not done one of those in almost 10 years so it should be enlightening to find out what state my body is in.

After that it is off to China again for a month or 2. My sis and the kids only get back to JKT tomorrow night so I don’t even get to spend a full day with them which totally sucks. By the time I see them again they will not even remember me. I try to talk to them on the phone everyday though, so time will tell. I still got shot loads to take care of right now so sorry for the lame posts. But these have been no comments here recently so I do not know if any one is even reading them.

As for the music lovers, there is a band I have been immersed in that you really have to check out. System of a Down is off the hook. It is the perfect music to listen to on the way to work in the morning. It totally fires me up and motivates me. On one level their music is hard driving rock that pokes your soul and on another the lyrics are sometimes deep and moving. Of Armenian decent, their music is politically and socially motivated so they do appeal to the thinker in me. It has been too long since there has been a good hardcore metal band that is good. Also, their latest album was produced by the one and only Rick Rubin.

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we read every word you spill bro even if there arent any comments left...