Thursday, June 01, 2006

JPL Awards Night 2006

Last Saturday I attended the Jakarta Pool League 2006 awards night hosted at the JW Marriot Jakarta. They have hosted the event for us for the last 2 years. This year I believe they had about 3oo guests. The JPL has around 450 registered players. That is quite a bit when you consider this is an expat pool league. It should give you some Idea how large this city is and how many people actually live here. Players pay Rp.100,000 (UD$10) for a 3 course meal and free flow booze. And that means all kinds of booze, including JD and Chivas. Non players pay Rp.200,000… That’s quite a deal.

Each team had their own table. And even though we did not win any awards this year I will still maintain that our team had the best looking women and men too. Also while most teams are put together with players skills being set at highest priority, our team was compiled of only close friends. That is probably why we lost. When one or two of us could not show up for the game that probably meant that none of us could come. We got to the party a little late but there was still time enough to hit the bar a couple times before the diner started.

For the first course we got some salmon in a wrap thing. It was actually pretty good. It tasted fresh too.

For the main course they served these stuffed chicken breasts laid out on mashed potatoes. I don’t really care much for chicken my self but it tasted good and once again it was hot and fresh. They also hit up some chocolaty desert which for some reason I do not have a picture of. I passed on it myself and went back to the bar.

Here is another random image of the other Fezilicious team members. Not every one even showed up to the awards night. Most of the fella’s head out to Baby Face for the grand opening. I must say that all the women looked really hot that night all dressed in their gowns and their hair all done up. It was nice.

The boys got were not to be outshined though. Inny was sporting some serious accessories.

And the girls totally digged it. I guess it had the desired effect.

Although our team won nothing, Fez Lounge has 3 teams and one of them actually came in second place. They also won a couple of other awards. You can see the whole spread of what they won here and all of the Fez Lounge teams. The winners were pretty damn stoked. The owner of the bar is also on that team and I guess it is good publicity for them to do so well in the competition.

I had won the Best Drinking Team award last year but this year I lost it to Rene, Captain of the Fez Bastaars. In all fairness they are a bunch of fucking beasts. There was not one night after a game where I saw them walk back into the bar sober. I on the other hand was trying very hard to stay straight and I did succeed for quite a while. So I did get on stage again but only to pass the torch. It sucked. Rene is the dude in the black tie.

The entertainment at these events is always fresh. Last year they hired a French magician who tormented me and this hear they had an English stand up comedian. His accent was pretty strong but once I tuned in I found his jokes pretty funny.

After the comedy they had a rock band come on and play. I can’t remember what they were called but they were pretty good. The music was all feel good stuff and they got everyone on the dance floor.

With all that free booze going around we all got a bit boom digity. Some of you may not like what you see but this is how it went down. Hell, I don’t even remember half of it. But this is the proof right here.

But none of us got down like this kid. This Indian fellow was on the Fez winning team and he was off the hook. I don’t know what his buddies gave him to drink but he took to the dance floor like Govinda on coke!! I swear to god I have never seen such serious dance moves in even the cheesiest of Indian films. And he kept going for a good half hour. But he was harmless and no one really gave a damn. That is the good thing about these events. It is all very peace and love. But that dude just cracked me up. I think I even danced with him for a while.

It is not unordinary to meet characters at the JPL. Take for instance this dude. He is a real of the top character. But good fun none the less. If any of you were at the Lionel Ritchie concert you might remember him as the lanky fellow in the white suit, with white shoes, who ran up the stage jumping over a monitor to shake Lionel’s hand before the performance.

I also just found this picture I took with the stand up comedian as I was leaving. I believe I talked to him for quite a while with the intention about pimping him on my blog. But for the life of me I can not remember his name, but he is here with the Jakarta Comedy Club and he will be performing at the Mandarin Hotel in Jakarta so if any of you are into British humor then check him out. He is pretty funny.

It was an awesome night I really missed the guys who were not here. I know Surri would have loved it but he is in Boston and Ash was away in Cambodia. Next year we got to win something guys. I have to leave you with just one last picture. As the night wore on we one of the last groups left I the hall. In fact as usual I think we were the last to leave. I should not really post this but you should know what kind of party you missed out on.


IndCoup said...

Hi Avi,

i have to say you've been coming up with some great images on your blog, but that one of the two chicks kissing is the best!

btw, what camera do you use? I've just bought and expensive digital SLR. great for serious stuff but I'd look a real prick taking it into a bar or something.


Avi said...

coup, my buddy took these pictures with a casio exilim. Otherwise I use this other new thin sony camera just got. I forget the model or my old canon powershot which is a little to chunky.

As for the girls, i am glad you like the pic. lets hope they appriciate the exposure as well or I am gonna get a serious thumpin this weekend. but i just HAD to post it.

morena alta said...

OMG! AVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!