Friday, July 14, 2006

Sign Spotting

I spotted this sign in the elevator in the building where I went for my full medical check up. I did not notice it till I was leaving. I guess I should feel safe that if the lift did collapse there would be doctors close by.

The medical check up is actually why I stayed back in India and I guess it was worth it. I had not been for one since before I went to boarding school at 14 years old. I figured that I have done substantial harm to my body since then. Surprisingly however, after a full day of grueling tests and a sleepless night worrying about my fate, I was informed by the physician that I am in near perfect health. My liver of course is not in the best condition but 6 months off the bottle should be enough for him to rejuvenate completely. So I got away with the obligatory quit smoking, exercise more, and cut down drinking.

I was actually brutally honest with the physician when she asked about my history. She was a very nice lady and she prodded and poked at all the right places to draw information out of me as well. It felt kind of therapeutic in a way, getting it all out. Plus I felt I should be honest if I really want to know if anything is wrong with me. My lungs, stomach, and heart are normal. Apart from high uric acid levels which are associated to drinking, all other blood stuff was a-okay, including cholesterol. She was pretty amazed at the results but very strongly reminded me that I am not Superman. She told me not to get cocky and that if I continued to live the way I do past the age of 30, the damage I am doing will be irreversible.

So I am off to China again next week and I suppose I will try and change my life style a bit, for a few months at least. But the last time I checked today was still Friday so there is still time for one more round.

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Anonymous said...

dude i knew you would be a'okay. You know what to do now...