Friday, August 11, 2006

The Apple Pealer

Yesterday afternoon I attended the annual Gifts Fair in Guangzhou. It was pretty shit. It was held at the old fair building. There were not too many exhibitors and I guess after going to the main Canton Fair and Yiwu this place really did not have much to offer. However I am always glad that to go and see rather than not know what I missed. In fact I actually bought a blender to make smoothies and I got a free Apple Peeler.

As you can see, it is a simple plastic contraption with a few metal spikes and blades. It also had a hand crank on the side of it. It seems pretty flimsy but the pieces are quite sturdy, the metal sharp, and it even came with protective coverings.

I bought the blender from one of those salesmen putting on a show. And even though it was all in Chinese, this guy was mighty entertaining. SO after flipping the apple in the air a few times he sticks it on the metal pins on the end on the crank. And you just start turning the lever.

In only one rotation the apple is perfectly peeled with just one long string of skin left over. I honestly thought that was pretty cool.

But that was not all. They actually threw in this free slicer on the already free peeler! But I guess this would only work if your apples are small enough. As for the peeler, it adjusts to any size apple.

Just a little pressure and…

The Apple Peeler also has these suction cups on the bottom of it. These fuckers thought of everything!

I am going to make myself an apple banana smoothie right now. I don’t usually do breakfast, which I know is unhealthy, so I might as well start now. I wonder if this fucker can do all round fruits. What about a pair? At least I have something to do this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Avi,

I saw a similar apple peeler and slicer in China before. I wanted to find one, could you tell me the company name of the manufacturer?

A girl from Canada