Monday, August 21, 2006

Long Time...

It has been a week since I have had the time to blog. Things have been pretty busy here with my cousin coming to visit and making preparations for a 3 week trip to East Africa. I took of to Hong Kong for a few days last week and it was off the hook. But I was in such a rush that I forgot to take my camera. It was a move that I soon came to regret. It would have been cool to blog the whole process of getting there and the 2 hour train ride but I can always do that another time as I will be making the crossing regularly. But the activities of those few days will be impossible to recreate. For one, I stayed in the most awesome room at the Renaissance Harbor View Hotel. The view from my room was out of this world. I also went out to loads of restaurants and clubs.
There was this really hot club called Dragon Eye where they hosted a models night on Wednesday. There were loads of gorgeous Eastern European women there. I also found a bar that offered more than 150 different tequila’s! My curiosity got the best of me and I got dangerously drunk. And those of you who have seen me in that state know how unpredictable the night can get. Although I am not the violent type I still managed to tangle with a crazy cab driver because he spilled my drink and then with the hotel reception when I managed to get locked in the elevator for 15 minutes. Both instances as you can see were not my fault. I also managed to spend some time catching up with some college buddies and I am looking forward to my next trip back.

Back in GZ I have also been out a lot and I have found some new spots to write about. ‘Comrades’ is defiantly blogworthy. It is an extremely eclectic joint where a total Chinese subculture comes to spin original hip-hop beats, dance, freestyle rap, and even graffiti. Surri, you would love it! I will be traveling through Kenya, Zambia, and South Africa next week so there will be loads of cool pictures when I get back. As for now I better get back to work. My cousin is leaving tomorrow so we have one more night to hit up GZ and I still got a load of stuff to get through.

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