Friday, October 13, 2006

F+R Wedding – Mombassa

It had rained heavily the day before and the morning of the wedding was pretty gloomy with a thick layer of grey clouds covering the sky. With a wedding ceremony planned on the beach all the people involved were pretty concerned that it might rain at any moment. While the guests were seated on the beach, the groom and his entourage sat around a table in the villa, sipping screwdrivers, contemplating the life cycle.

We got a call when the bride was ready and made our way down to the beach ‘Reservoir Dogs’ style, except we were dressed in linens and Indian ‘kurtas’ instead of the black suit and tie. The weather was still pretty crumby but I shit you not, as we walked down the slope, a ray of sunshine broke through the grey clouds and hit the stage that had been set up on the white powder sand with the ocean as a back drop.

The scene was breath taking. The color scheme was light blue which looked spectacular against the ocean back drop. The bride and groom both wore blue outfits and seeing them stand together on the stage was reminiscent of a painting. The ceremony was headed off by a local official who was actually quite entertaining. They repeated the vows read to them and placed rings on each others fingers. I saw numerous people in the crowd cry.

All the guests held pink helium balloons and when the couple was pronounced husband and wife we all released the balloons. It was out of this world watching this pink cluster of balloons take off into the blue sky.

10 minutes after the ceremony was over the crowd moved towards the buffet area and within another 5 minutes the sky opened up and pissed on the parade. I loved it. It was as if the rain had held back just for them and they 1 hour of sunshine was some sort of smile or blessing from nature. I am not a religious or spiritual man but when I think of that afternoon I still get goose bumps.

Congratulations Fufu and Risoto. Thanks for the awesome experience and I am looking forward to spending summers on your front porch sipping whiskey and bitching about new music, stupid kids, and corrupt politicians.


AmitD said...

damn...wish i was there... but you are easing the pain with your blogs my friend... thanks.

Avi said...

dude, i wish I coul post all the pictures. this post does not even nearly do the wedding justice.. where have you disappeared to?