Monday, October 09, 2006

Olympus E-500 Digital Camera

My cousin recently invested in a new camera. As we are partners in crime this inexorably means that I have a new toy as well. He is not a learned photographer but has been eager for a while now to dabble in the art. He opted to buy the Olympus E-500 8.0 mega pixel digital camera. It possesses enough features for him to amuse himself with and the price tag on it did not break bank.

The Hyper Crystal LCD on the back of the unit is fairly large and the buttons are also big enough and spaced out far enough from each other that I did not have trouble getting to them. The buttons on some cameras are so small and clustered that I end up having to use the tips of my finger nails just to push them. The LCD monitor does not display the image that is visible through the lens. It only clearly displays the settings of the camera when you are shooting the picture. With a camera of this caliber it is essential for you to look directly through the lens to capture the image you want but the monitor makes it easier to adjust your settings from a comfortable distance.

The Olympus E-500 had loads of other features but I do not know nearly enough about photography to even start detailing them. I am going to invest in one of those ‘Photography for Dummies’ books and take it from there. My cousin however is picking it up pretty quickly and took some awesome pictures in Cambodia.

The camera was a great deal because it actually came with 3 lenses and a cylindrical plastic device to block out light in sunny locations. There package consisted of a close range lens, a medium range lens, and this 40-150 mm zoom lens. They also included a nifty black travel case, ample lens covers, and a battery charger of course.

The Olympus E-500 Digital Camera package is available at most Electronic City outlets for just under $800.

These are a few of the pictures Inny took on our most recent trip to Cambodia. Unfortunately the internet speeds here in JKT will not permit me to upload them in their 8.0 mega pixel glory, but I hope they retain some of their beauty. The clarity and field of depth on the originals is mind blowing. I did not realize before this how much of a difference a good camera could make.

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you guys should black and white that picture of bhavna, frame the edges and give it to her. Its a piece and a half.