Thursday, November 30, 2006

Acer - Ferrari 4000

Yeah I wish I got one! This is actually my Dads latest toy. He loves computers and usually spends most of the day in front of his. So having turned 60 this year I think it appropriate for him to own a high-speed red Ferrari.

The Acer – Ferrari 400 is one sleek puppy with red trimmings on the sides and a highly reflective fiberglass top with a crisscross base coat motif under the lacquer finishing. The stallion logo on the laptop is also pretty cool.

I think this is a 15.4” monitor and the keys are shaped in a nice curved fashion to suit wrist placement. I also took a tap at the keys and they appear to be supported by a very smooth mechanism.

I am so used to seeing the Intel logo slapped on every computer I see that it is actually a pleasant surprise to see an AMD in the Acer – Ferrari 4000.

On the right side of the key panel, the Ferrari Team has slapped on yet another logo to remind us of their endorsement. I still dig it.

The package includes all the basics like software, manuals, and cables. They also include a spiffy carry on bag. The awesomest add-on though is this wireless mouse, once again clearly embossed with the Ferrari logo. You can zip it around your desk top pretending it is a little car.

The Acer – Ferrari 4000 is loaded with some remarkable hardware. I presume having the Ferrari Company endorse one of your computers would insinuate that particular package would be super fast. Well under her hood this baby is packing an AMD Turion which is like the latest Intel processor. She has 1024 MB of RAM!!! That is fucking insane, and not to mention 100 GB of HDD space. The she does not even weigh that much.

The Ferrari 4000 has all the other latest gadgets like numerous card ports and DVD and WIFI etc… I have not had a chance to take her for a run yet but by this weekend my old man will probably ask me to load her up with some software and then I will see what she really got. Maybe if I post a blog form there it will come up with a Ferrari logo on it!

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AmitD said...

Dawg, that is the shiznit man!! Gotta tell me more details on that sucka. Is it a dvd writer? What's the damage on that puppy?