Thursday, November 02, 2006


I have been neglecting my blog over the last week. This is partially because the work load has been pretty heavy but also because I am still bummed about all my lost files. I had so many awesome posts lined up, one about a strange run-in I had with a couple of Germans I met in Doha that resulted in a piss fest that lasted all the way till we reached Hong Kong. Not to mention Ash and Nits wedding in Cambodia and all the ancient temples I saw there, and the infamous last night in Siam Reap where destiny finally shined on me and dealt me a great hand. Instead I am brooding over the thousands of pictures I have accumulated over 6 years of traveling that have been lost. And to make it even worse, all my friends who were at the weddings (Cambodia and Mombassa) saved their pictures on my laptop. All gone guys. Sorry. But before you start bitching think about all the work I have lost. But there is still some hope. I am holding on to my burned out HDD and when I am in India I will have specialist retrieve all the lost data.

So now that I have a new HDD installed in my laptop, I am back in action. I have been busting my ass collecting whatever data I had backed up on my desktop back in Indo, updating my address book, and installing new software. And to make sure I do not find myself in a similar predicament anytime soon, I have invested in an external HDD in which I shall back up all my files.

This bad boy comes in its own cushioned travel case with a USB cord. With 40GB of disk space I can download all the movies and music I want and move it between computers. I do not know why I never got one of these earlier. I am usually on the back end of technology and it always blows me away when I land a new product that is going to simplify my existence. I know that external HDD drives are so old school now a days but I feel but I feel like I have just been brought up to speed.

And look at how small this sucker is! It can fit into my pocket as easily as an ipod.

So finally some normalcy is returning to my life. I am slipping back into my groove and returning to my pace once again. I am committed to staying in China until Chinese New Year after which I will treat myself to a 2 week vacation. In the meantime I am going to keep exploring Guangzhou and whatever other Chinese towns my work drags me to.


IndCoup said...

Avi - this sort of things happens all the time.

I have some software (from ontrack) that can salvage a corrupt disc.

Before my flash disc went corrupt, and the software recovered 99% of the photos from my holiday. I was so happy.

get in contact with me.


Anonymous said...

shit javi - i cant believe all the pics we took are gone! this fuckin sucks. i'm keeping my fingers crossed & hope you can get yr data back when in india.

cheers bro

kubolo bway said...

trust bro, its not all over - its amazing what those indian Doctors can do, they will be able to fix your hard diks back to normal.

kevin said...

Avi, its kevin I've been keeping up with you through your blog Mich and I love to read about your new adventures. I hope all is well, also check out a new business I am starting

treespotter said...

avi, i forgot to tell you the first time, but there's a place in setiabudi that can do that, pull your data back. they did it with mine. drop me a note if you need it.