Monday, November 27, 2006

Sony Ericsson

In August of 2001 Sony Corp and Ericsson announced a merger valued at 500 Million Dollars giving birth to the company we know today as Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications. It was landmark deal that created a huge buzz in the mobile phone industry. At the time Nokia was holding a little bit over 30% of the global market share and analysts were speculating how great a threat Sony Ericsson would be to their grip on the consumers. Now here we are 5 years down the road and what are the current statistics? I have no fucking idea. I know shit about market shares and consumer buying patterns and even less about mergers and acquisitions. But I do like pretty pictures and flashy television commercials. I never really liked the Sony Ericsson logo and recently I have been bombarded with it from all directions forcing me to scrutinize it a little too much. How could 2 such powerhouses come up with such a meaningless logo? It is pretty and all, and I can see how it could appeal to young consumers with its futuristic stylization, but where does it show any sign of the companies it represents? I just could not see it until this weekend, when standing in front of a large Sony Ericsson poster; it hit me like a bullet in the eye.

It is actually an ingenious design. The artists have managed to create a futuristic symbol that could appeal to the mass youth culture and at the same time incorporate the letter S for Sony and E for Ericsson. And not only have they stopped there, they even integrate the 3 dot old school Sony symbol. I can not believe I never spotted this before and maybe it is obvious to most of you but I think it is pretty awesome when you see it. The strength of something as simple as a logo is immense. But nothing is worth the $1 Million Pertamina paid for thiers.

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