Monday, December 11, 2006

Goldkenn - Jack Daniels Chocolate

I recently came across a Jack Daniels chocolate bar. I have seen numerous liquor based chocolates but never one containing Jack Daniels. Straight off the bat I loved the packaging. Rather then having some chocolate branded sleeve with a small Jack Daniels logo on it, this bar was cased in a cardboard box that looks just like the label on a bottle of JD, emphasizing the Jack Daniels brand rather than Goldkenn, the manufacturing chocolate company. I adore the black box with the white script on it. I actually find its beauty mesmerizing. Hats off to the guys at JD Distilleries marketing division. At Rp.45,000 (UD$5.00) this is not exactly cheap but being a patron of JD Bourbon myself, I had to try it.

The chocolate is wrapped in gold foil that is sealed on all ends meaning it has to be torn open. The chocolate was delicate and soft so I had to be extremely careful during this process. The milk chocolate is molded into a flat bed of chocolate with hollow domes or bubbles it that contain the Jack Daniels Whiskey. I was hoping to see an embossment of the JD logo on the chocolate bar but rather the logo is of Goldkenn, the manufacturing company. Most liquor chocolate I have had in the past is molded in a similar fashion except that the bubbles are slightly smaller and there are 4 domes on in each row by about 8 on the bar. The Jack Daniels chocolate bar is only 2 by 5. But the bubbles are relatively larger. More whiskey is better. Another salute to the great minds behind this product.

The hollow dome on the chocolate is filled with real liquid Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. Once you bite into the chocolate a warm flow of JD whiskey flows into your mouth slowly integrating with the chocolate that is quickly dissolving. The combination of chocolate and JD is actually quite exquisite. I have never really liked chocolate liqueur before but this was actually quite scrumptious. The chocolate seems to have just the right flavor and consistency to mesh with the whiskey and not have one flavor over power the other.

Eating the chocolate is a pretty delicate affair because the piece is not exactly bite size so you have to break right into the middle causing some whiskey to spill onto your fingers. What a waste. The inside base of the dome actually has a thin white layer formed on it. I was informed that this is actually crystallized alcohol. The crispy layer actually gives the chocolate a bit of a crunch. The combination of Goldkenn Swiss Chocolate with Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey is fantastic. This is an awesome after dinner treat that can not be recreated by dropping a piece of Swiss chocolate into a glass of JD. I have tried. Go out and get the real thing.


Anonymous said...

Where do you get it in India, Bangalore in particular.

Anonymous said...

I have had it a couple of times and really loved it. Have been looking for it everywhere but cant find a retailer in India.

Any leads will be much appreciated