Tuesday, January 16, 2007

FIRE Milk Coffee

My daily fix when I get to work in the morning is a can of FIRE Milk Coffee. FIRE is a local brand of canned cold coffee stored in refrigerators at the local corner shops. Some vendors even store them in heated boxes so you can have a hot FIRE too. But I would imagine the metal can be slightly uncomfortable to hold.

I can not really say what the ingredients or nutritional value of FIRE Milk Coffee is because as I mentioned before, it is a local brand. All the information printed on the can is on Chinese. But I do like the design and colors. The can does not jump off the shelf at me but rather sits back saying, “take it easy buddy. Take your time to make a choice, there’s no rush”.

I used to patronize NESCAFE Coffee before I tried FIRE, and since I made the transition I have never looked back. At almost the same price NESCAFE cans only hold 180ml of coffee whereas FIRE houses 280ml. That’s a whole 100ml more!!!

FIRE Milk Coffee in my opinion is actually milkier than the competition I have sampled. Most imported brands seem to be watered down more than the smaller local brands.

FIRE also has a very unique roasted flavor which I particularly enjoy. I can’t drink anything hot in the morning and FIRE Milk Coffee goes great with my smoke as I walk to work. At less than 40 American cents a can, how could I go wrong?


AmitD said...

Cold coffee is the shit man. Used to drink Starbucks cold coffee. I imagine this will be better no??

oigal said...

Refering to your comment at another site (for want of a better term)

"the handful of dim witted, and by-and-large Australian, bloggers"

Kinda harsh and bit general Avi.. Do you mean us guys guys at the stump?

treespotter said...

wow, you actually do drink some alcohol free drinks!

btw, oigal, i think we need more Oz bloggers out, are you really the only oz expat blogger out there? Seriously, i'm not familiar with any others... all the other ones are brits, i think...

oigal said...

Hey Tree

I honestly don't know of any others (which perhaps explains the paranoid attack after Avi's comment)..and the brits are't talking to me after the cricket (ho ho). Although I do find The Public House blog funny but he ain't expat.

Dim witted...arrogant perhaps, know it all..maybe..smug ..yea oh what was yours.but dim witted Hmmpf!!

Avi said...

Damn tree, that hurts. I cant be havin JD for breakfast you know.

Oigal. Seriously I do not know what you are talking about. 'Dim witted' and 'by-and-large' do not sound like phrases I would use. But if it was a long time ago anything is possible. Plus I do not have anything against Aussies. Let me know where this comment is. Maybe I have an impersonator.

Amit, cold coffee is the shit. I like the starbcks frap in a bottle, but the one from the actual shop is too icy. And its too expensive for a daily fix. I have about 3 a day.

oigal said...

"Seriously I do not know what you are talking about." Laugh thats ok I am not sure myself most of the time..actually the comment was on Unspun and did link back here, funny however today no link?. Anyway no big deal! I was just bit surprised as "out of the norm"

Still there has been a bit of a vermin problem around the blogs of late.. time to lay some baits perhaps.

Coffee..gotta be the thick, black bali coffee for me..

have fun ...