Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I have always wanted to own and take care of plants, be a botanist of sorts. In college we did have a communal tree that was occasionally watered but more often fed beer, which is actually good once in a while for plants, considering the poor guy lived in a centrally air-conditioned apartment full of smokers. In our apartment we also had a nice aloe-vera plant that we snapped a leaf off once a while to make use of its juices on nasty sun burns. But I never really had a plant I could call my own. Someone I could say hello to every morning, who I could look over, and whose entire existence depended upon me alone. Say hello to my little friend, Tony Montana.

I was picking up a bunch of plants for my office when this guy caught my eye. I was not looking for a desk plant or anything that needed real attention. I am fonder of larger flora so I bought some shrubs and even a small tree, but this pink fella just kept calling out to me. He is so cute and I can’t wait to see him grow into a big flower. Tony is only about the size of my thumb nail now. I told the shop guy that if the flower dies I want a refund, unless he is gunned down by ruthless Colombian drug lords of course.

In other news I finally got off my ass and bought the Indo Dreamin domain. I have been registering a lot of shit on Go Daddy recently and they offered me a deal on a domain so I just took it. Right now I have only thrown up a picture with a link to this page but I am going to start messing around with some HTML and see what I can come up with. I am using a program called NetObjects Fusion that I used to be pretty good with about 7 years ago, but now I can only work the basics. It gives me the ease of creating a drag and drop interface but also allows me to create more technical functions like forms and plug-ins. I can also fuck with HTML there without messing up the basic structure of the site, I hope. For now I will use the page as a place to experiment with different aspects of web design, in my free time of course. Eventually I would like it to be a site with a link to this blog, but I really don’t know what I want to do there. Ah well, its something entertaining to think about and work on. If anyone got any ideas or help they can offer, I am open.

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mogs said...

Hello Tony Montana, Avi's little friend.